Online availability is essential if an e-commerce company is to function. Therefore, it’s critical that the servers are
always available and the customer gets the best possible user experience. Link11’s security solutions allow, both goals
to be met. We secure a consistent web presence while ensuring a well performing website.



More visitors mean more
attack potential for e-commerce sector

Over the last decade, online commerce has exploded and, predictably, attracted ever growing attention from cyber criminals. Attacks on industry have increased sharply, especially during major shopping events such as Black Friday or Valentine’s Day. A retailer that suffers performance issues or, worse, server downtime at these times can expect to suffer significant sales losses.

Link11’s Web DDoS Protection helps protect against this potential nightmare scenario and, when coupled with effective Bot Management and intelligent Zero Touch WAF, can make a real difference even in the event of an attack.

Take special care during
large shopping days

Major shopping events like Valentines Day, Black Friday and Christmas are annual highlights for shoppers that are keen to scour the web for bargains. For online retailers, such days are special because they boost sales immensely. In recent years, online shoppers have come to represent 40 percent of all shoppers, a trend that will probably continue to rise and push sales records even higher. However, while such shopping holidays offer great opportunities for consumers, they also bring with them a host of risks in the form of cyber criminals. Anyone who’s suffered a DDoS attack during a busy shopping day knows the damage such attacks can cause.

The cybersecurity statistics collected for this year’s Valentine’s Day provide excellent insight into how far the threat situation has become. We’ve compiled all the information and have a free infographic that shows a clear summary of the data.


Preventing e-commerce risks sooner rather than later


  • Industry depends on ongoing availability of online services
  • There is a growing number of Internet users (4.6 billion by 2021) and IoT devices (75 billion by 2025)
  • Users prefer online shopping and expect an uninterrupted shopping experience


  • E-Commerce involves sensitive user information (personal data, credit card, ID)
  • Cybercriminals exploit the online shopping boom on special occasions (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc.)
  • Large-scale attacks are on the rise and “cybercrime-as-a-service” is growing

Why Managing Directors choose Link11

Charlie Gilbert (Managing Director at Ransom Spares) talks about Link11’s DDoS protection services and how important it is for any E-commerce business to have a reliable DDoS solution in place.



Link11’s patented and reliable security technology draws from a wealth of experience in the field of cyber-resilience and has proven itself over and over. Our protection solutions are straightforward to implement and, thanks to artifical intelligence, act completely automatically. This means you enjoy easy operation and maximum security at all times. Our Web Security Suite gives you all the tools you need to ensure your online business is protected with state-of-the-art technology.


Web DDoS Protection

With Link11’s Web DDoS Protection, all required web applications are safeguarded. This is done with the help of a proxy technology that is connected upstream and dynamically filters traffic according to a complex scoring system, so that there is no unwanted disruption of the applications.



The bot manager analyzes all incoming traffic and acts with a whitelisting approach to identify and block bad bots. This ensures a first-class customer experience and promotes optimal website performance, as all malicious bot traffic is contained and doesn’t spread uncontrollably.


Zero Touch WAF

The WAF offers additional protection against attack types such as OWASP Top 10 and Layer 7 attacks and other serious data breaches. The zero-touch principle means that the WAF is completely automated, requires no human assistance to work and operates 24/7.



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