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Find product information on the Link11 DDoS Protection and further features, our quarterly DDoS reports with exclusive statistics and analyses on mitigated attacks and detailed infographics on the results of our research projects.

Case Study: DDoS Protection for the Online Shops of A.T.U

Putting a stop to DDoS attacks. A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger GmbH & Co. KG has deployed Link11 to protect its central online shops and all IP access points at the Link11 data center. The German car service market leader’s entire web traffic is inspected by the Link11 DDoS filter before reaching A.T.U.’s infrastructure, ensuring that the company’s business activities are not interrupted by DDoS attacks. Even though the work being done at A.T.U workshops is traditionally hands-on and analog-based, the strategic significance of their web presence has grown.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Fight Modern DDoS Attacks (Whitepaper)

DDoS attacks are becoming a growing problem from a significant number of organizations, with threat actors deploying increasingly sophisticated attacks at an alarming rate. Successful attacks can have potentially devastated consequences for businesses, taking companies offline, impacting upon their sales and ultimately damaging their reputation amongst customers. This white paper looks at why traditional security measures are failing to protect organizations against DDoS attacks and outlines the need for integrated artificial intelligence capabilities in security solutions to help effectively tackle them.

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DDoS Report for Central Europe - Q3 2018

The security specialists at Link11 have evaluated and summarized the DDoS trends of the 3rd quarter of 2018 in a report. The statistics and analyses are based on data from almost 16,000 attacks on targets in Europe and show a significant increase in the total number of attacks. Furthermore, the report clearly shows that the destructive power of these attacks is growing relentlessly. High-volume attacks with more than 100 Gbps and complex multi-vector attacks are no longer an exception.

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Case Study: DDoS Attacks to leave Hermes unaffected in Future

Leading consumer delivery company Hermes Germany is using Link11´s cloud-based DDoS protection solutions in order to protect their whole IT infrastructer and web applications against all kinds of Distributed Denial of Servcie (DDoS) attacks. After being increasingly concerned about the rapid growth in DDoS attacks in 2017, the logistics service provider decided to invest in a solution that protect their entire IT infrastructure including VPN and mail servers, firewalls, applications and web domains against these kind of attacks. Read the full case study and learn more.

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Protecting Web Applications without Disrupting the Business

Cybercrime is on the rise. Major cyber-attacks keep making news-headlines and organizations are exposed to more and more sophisticated forms of attacks. The implications of such an attack can be devastating and quickly go into the millions. An increasingly targeted component of companies´ IT estates are web applications. Therefore, it is vital for organizations to know how to protect their web applications against cyber-attacks.

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DDoS Report for Central Europe - Q2 2018

The Link11 Security Operation Center has published its DDoS report for the second quarter 2018. Despite the fact that the number of attacks declined between April and June, the complexity and impact of the attacks has increased. Multivector attacks exploiting different weaknesses in IT infrastructures accounted for almost half of all attacks during the second quarter. The attackers also conducted high-volume attacks for which they used the reflection amplification vectors SSDP, CLDAP, DNS and Memcached.

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AI in Cybersecurity and its Ramifications for Enterprise

AI in Cybersecurity and its Ramifications for Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change cybersecurity significantly. But the same applies to cybercrime. Organizations among all industries will feel the impact of AI to a certain extent. The impact on the cybersecurity industry, however, will be the most noticeable. Learn which role AI will play on both sides of the cyberwar and how you can protect your organization against AI-driven cyberattacks.

DDoS Report for Central Europe - Q1 2018

Within just a few weeks, the DDoS landscape underwent some major changes in the first quarter of 2018. An extremely dangerous new DDoS vector that appeared out of nowhere flooded the networks around the globe with high-volume attacks. The Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC) also observed dozens of attacks in Central Europe. Another major threat emerged in the form of attacks using the SSDP protocol, which once again reached peak bandwidths of over 100 Gbps.

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Link11 Network DDoS Protection

The Link11 Network DDoS Protection provides full coverage against all kinds of DDoS attacks. The solution can be deployed in permanent mode, customers achieve immediate protection within seconds against any type of DDoS attacks. A standby deployment will detect threats based on an optional Link11 on-premise DDoS sensor or the customer's own monitoring system.

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Link11 Cloud Security Platform

The Link11 Cloud Security Platform is focused on security-related services like a Content Delivery Network (CDN), DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), secure DNS hosting and more. The patent-pending Link11 Cloud Security Platform is based on a worldwide unique technology. Via a two-level protection method all attacks are blocked and filtered.

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