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DDoS Protection

Infrastructure DDoS Protection

Link11’s Infrastructure DDoS Protection is based on a cloud-based system to quickly and intelligently contain DDoS attacks. The system relies on a globally available DDoS Scrubbing Center architecture that successfully fends off even the largest DDoS attacks.

Web DDoS Protection

Link11‘s Web DDoS Protection is based on an always-on principle and acts completely automated to respond to threats around the clock. The protection solution is an integral part of the Link11 Web Security Suite and ensures maximum security for all web applications.

Web Security Suite

Web DDoS Protection

Link11’s Web DDoS Protection is an integral part of the Web Security Suite and protects you based on an always-on principle.
It’s completely automated and responds to potential online threats around the clock.

Secure CDN

The Secure CDN (Content Delivery Network) from Link11 is the perfect addition to the Link11 DDoS Protection and guarantees availability of your files wherever and whenever they’re needed.

Bot Management

Bot Management can help at all levels: Malicious bots harm your
website’s performance, damage customer experience, and steal your sales.
Bad bots make up over 20% of corporate website traffic.

Secure DNS

Our Secure DNS service ensures instant, secure and reliable access to your website, no matter where your users are or what device they’re using.

Zero Touch WAF

Link11’s Zero Touch Web Application Firewall (Zero Touch WAF) provides a fully cloud-native approach.

We already protect over 2 million assets for our customers

Digital companies, in industries such as banking, media, retail, Internet service providers, logistics and utilities are already using the patented protection solution – Where are you?

Why CISOs choose Link11

Kai Widua (CISO) from Beiersdorf Group talks about the close cooperation with Link11 as well as the benefits that open up with the security technology and why it makes sense for companies to deploy a professional DDoS protection solution.



is on the

In times of increasing digitization and cyber threats, damage caused by a single DDoS attack can ruin a company or at least hurt them significantly.


million DDoS attacks
in 2020 worldwide


minutes (4 days) took the longest
DDoS attack


US-dollars costs per
minute of downtime

The new benchmark

Link11 sets new standards

The only tested vendor with a high performance DDoS mitigation in a matter of seconds - A Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper.

"Only solutions that can deliver swift and precise DDoS mitigation can help organizations achieve true operational resilience in the face of web-based threats. The quicker the mitigation is, the smaller is the business risk."

Mikita Hanets, Frost & Sullivan, Industry Analyst


Customers talk about working with Link11

Reliable protection at all times, a fast and simple implementation process and attentive 24/7 support – the benefits are obvious and have already convinced many customers.


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