Protect your IT infrastructure and web applications from DDoS and other attacks. Improve the performance of your content and live streaming. Smarter. Faster. Better.

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Your benefits in dangerous & dynamic times

Stay in control

No unexpected surprises, no downtime, no customer dissatisfaction, no stress with your superiors. Concentrate fully on your business.

Smooth & Easy

Onboarding, compatibility, operation and monitoring: Our technology is built in such a way that switching and using our system requires little effort on your part.

Fast & Precise

Only a fast and accurate DDoS protection can reliably protect your IT infrastructure and web applications. Trust in over 18 years of experience of an expert.

High Performance

Benefit from our global network with AI-based, patented DDoS protection that gives you high availability, multi-terabit capacity, and low latency.

24/7 Customer Service

We are there for you: Our personal customer service is available 24/7 and supports you in all topics related to cybersecurity. By the way, we speak German and English.

Compliant & Certified

DSGVO compliance, ISO 27001 certification, climate neutrality or government-qualified protection standards – we meet the highest requirements for security and data protection.

Three pillars for security & performance

Network Security

Companies that host their own IT infrastructure are increasingly being targeted by attackers. Here, it is essential to effectively prevent attacks on applications and services in an autonomous system with a reliable protection solution.

Web Protection

Digital web applications are often hosted by external cloud providers because no own infrastructure exists or wants to be built. These providers are often not ideally prepared for major attacks.

Web Performance

Fast content availability is a must today. The retrieval of texts, images, videos or scripts should be guaranteed at any time and from anywhere – but without compromising security.

Tailored solutions for your business

Infrastructure DDoS Protection

Network Security

Link11’s infrastructure DDoS protection works as a cloud-based detection system that prevents DDoS attacks at OSI layers 3 and 4 in an automated manner, stopping even the largest attacks.

Web DDoS Protection

Web Protection

Web DDoS Protection provides DNS-based protection against OSI Layer 7 DDoS attacks. The system automatically responds to anomalies and mitigates immediately when threats are detected.

Secure CDN

Web Performance

Link11’s Secure CDN is the perfect complement to Link11 DDoS protection, ensuring faster and, most importantly, more secure transmission of all content that needs to be downloaded from the Internet.

Bot Management

Web Protection

Link11’s cloud-based Bot Management detects, manages, and blocks malicious bots from visiting before they reach your website. Helpful bots are not blocked and continue to help you.

Secure DNS

Web Performance

Link11s Secure DNS service ensures instant, secure and reliable access to your website, no matter where your users are or what device they are using.

Zero Touch WAF

Web Security

Link11’s Zero Touch Web Application Firewall offers a fully cloud-native approach, protecting against attacks such as the OWASP Top 10, Layer 7 attacks and zero-day threats.

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The DDoS risk is real

Did you know that the probability of a DDoS attack is 1 in 4?
A single attack can ruin or significantly damage businesses.


seconds on average to the peak of an attack (2022)


minutes took the longest DDoS attack


US-dollars costs per
minute of downtime

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