• Artificial Intelligence (AI) for DDoS Mitigation Why Automation and AI are Critical in DDoS Mitigation In recent years, the volume and severity of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have risen exponentially. The potential business consequences […]
  • Bad Bots How To Protect Your Business Website from Bad Bots Every organization understands the threat posed by DDoS attacks. It is 2020, after all. DDoS flooding attacks against big name brands […]
  • Bot Management What is Bot Management (and What Does it Do?) In recent years, organizations worldwide and across all industries have been forced to develop and maintain increasingly tight controls to protect […]
  • Bot Traffic Bot Traffic: What You Need to Know Over the last few years, bot traffic has become a massive headache for organizations across all industries. While bots themselves are nothing new, […]
  • Bot Website-Blocking How and Why You Should Block Bots on Your Business Website When you think about cyberattacks, you probably imagine a hooded hacker sitting in a darkened room and typing furiously […]
  • Captcha What is Captcha and how does it work? CAPTCHA is a popular security mechanism that is often used to protect against spam on websites. Almost everyone has had to deal […]
  • DDoS attack What is a DDoS Attack? A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack attempts to overwhelm an Internet-connected asset with the aim of making it unavailable to legitimate users. It does […]
  • DNS amplification attacks What are DNS Amplification Attacks? DNS amplification attacks are a version of distributed denial-of-service attacks (also known as DDoS). These DNS amplification attacks use DNS servers as amplifiers. The attack […]
  • DoS, DDoS and RDoS DoS, DDoS und RDoS – What is the difference? The three terms DDoS, DoS and RDoS look very similar at first glance and also have many things in common, but […]
  • HTTP and HTTPs HTTP and HTTPS: What is the difference? The HTTP and HTTPS protocols are important for communication on the Internet and are therefore terms often encountered while browsing the net. But […]
  • IP fragmentation attacks IP fragmentation attacks – how do they work? To understand IP fragmentation attacks, it is important to understand IP fragmentation first. IP communication is used to exchange data packets on […]
  • OSI Model - Network Layer What is a Network Layer? (OSI Model Explained) In the cybersecurity world, threats are often described as targeting a specific layer. But what does that actually mean? The idea of […]
  • Ransom DDoS What is Ransom DDoS? When cybercriminals combine a DDoS attack with a ransom demand, this is known as a ransom DDoSDDoS attack (RDDOS). The damage in such a case can […]
  • Ransomware Ransomware: A Tool for Cyber Blackmail Blackmail by anonymous cybercriminals is an acute threat to companies of all sizes. Hackers also target administrations and government authorities. Only a comprehensive approach […]
  • Ransomware/DDoS combined attack DDoS attacks as a dangerous smokescreen Distributed denial of service attacks is currently on the agenda throughout Europe. However, due to the current situation, such attacks are no longer only […]
  • Secure CDN What is a Secure CDN and How Does it Work? In recent years, there’s been plenty of hype surrounding CDNs. Once the exclusive domain of huge digital service providers like […]
  • Secure DNS What is Secure DNS and Why Do I Need it? Secure DNS infrastructure is an essential component of any cybersecurity program. Unfortunately, DNS exploits get far less media attention than […]

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