This blog is dedicated to analyses and research of cyber security topics and the protection from DDoS attacks provided by the Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC). Covering multiple aspects of the DDoS threat , it provides in-depth, content rich information for IT professionals and private users.

02/17/2021        Threat Landscape
DDoS Attacks and Ransomware: Increasing Losses due to Cyber-Extortion

A recent study by Allianz subsidiary AGCS shows how expensive cybercrime can be for companies. Ransomware and DDoS attacks are the main cost drivers.

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02/09/2021        Threat Landscape
Valentine's Day: DDoS Attackers to Threaten Online Retailers

Valentine's Day has become an important sales driver for retailers. Cybercriminals could spoil their business with DDoS attacks.

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01/28/2021        Press
Link11 to Acquire DDoS Protection Provider DOSarrest Internet Security LTD

The acquisition reinforces Link11’s commitment to deliver DDoS protection solutions to organizations globally.

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01/20/2021        Threat Landscape
The Underground Economy: Data and Cyber-Attacks

The infographic shows the impact of data, digital identity theft and DDoS attacks on the entire cyber-crime value chain.

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01/07/2021        Press
Link11 Extends DDoS Protection Offer to Public Sector Organizations During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Public health institutions, authorities, and educational institutions can continue to use the service free of charge

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01/05/2021        Threat Landscape
Citrix Systems Abused for DDoS Attacks

New Amplification Vector Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) targets Citrix ADC systems.

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12/01/2020        Cyber Security
Website Protection: What a WAF Can and Can’t Do

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are essential to protect websites and web applications from cyberattacks. However, there are several common misconceptions about what WAFs do. Find out precisely what a WAF is, how it protects web assets, and which threats it can and can’t protect against.

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11/26/2020        Cyber Security
How E-Commerce Retailers Can Thwart Black Friday DDoS Attacks

Online retailers are planning for a big Black Friday – but so are cybercriminals. In this article, Link11’s Security Operations Center describes how retailers can prevent DDoS attacks and keep their websites safe

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11/24/2020        Threat Landscape
Ransomware: A Tool for Cyber Blackmail

Blackmail by anonymous cybercriminals is an acute threat to companies of all sizes. Hackers also target administrations and government authorities. Only a comprehensive approach to IT security can offer reliable protection against the pervasive danger posed by ransomware.

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11/23/2020        Cyber Security
Bot Traffic: What You Need to Know

Bot traffic consists of any non-human interaction with your website and applications. While some bots are essential, others can cause serious damage and are hard to identify. To manage bot traffic, organizations need a bot management solution that can distinguish between good and bad bots in real-time with no human intervention.

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