This blog is dedicated to analyses and research of cyber security topics and the protection from DDoS attacks provided by the Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC). Covering multiple aspects of the DDoS threat , it provides in-depth, content rich information for IT professionals and private users.

07/15/2021        Threat Landscape
Link11 Discovers Record Number of DDoS Attacks in First Half of 2021

In H1 2021, cyber criminals targeted businesses in record numbers as they continued to exploit vulnerabilities caused by the pandemic

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06/29/2021        Press
Krystal Hosting Selects Link11 for Robust DDoS Protection

Link11 successfully mitigated a DDoS attack claiming to be from Fancy Bear

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06/16/2021        Threat Landscape
A New Wave of DDoS Extortion Campaigns by Fancy Lazarus

Warning of acute ransom DDoS attacks against companies across Europe and North America on behalf of Fancy Lazarus

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04/28/2021        Threat Landscape
Link11 DDoS Report: Number of Attacks Doubled in the 1st Quarter 2021

In Q1 2021, attackers continued to exploit the pandemic to attack businesses and their IT infrastructures. In the post-COVID era, DDoS attacks threaten to become the new normal.

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03/30/2021        Threat Landscape
FBI: Boom in Cybercrime Costs US Billions

More than $4 billion in cybercrime losses reported to FBI in 2020.

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03/16/2021        Threat Landscape
Link11 Report Reveals DDoS Attacks Reached Record High in 2020

DDoS attacks rose to the highest level on record last year as cybercriminals took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic

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02/17/2021        Threat Landscape
DDoS Attacks and Ransomware: Increasing Losses due to Cyber-Extortion

A recent study by Allianz subsidiary AGCS shows how expensive cybercrime can be for companies. Ransomware and DDoS attacks are the main cost drivers.

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02/09/2021        Threat Landscape
Valentine's Day: DDoS Attackers to Threaten Online Retailers

Valentine's Day has become an important sales driver for retailers. Cybercriminals could spoil their business with DDoS attacks.

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01/28/2021        Press
Link11 to Acquire DDoS Protection Provider DOSarrest Internet Security LTD

The acquisition reinforces Link11’s commitment to deliver DDoS protection solutions to organizations globally.

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01/20/2021        Threat Landscape
The Underground Economy: Data and Cyber-Attacks

The infographic shows the impact of data, digital identity theft and DDoS attacks on the entire cyber-crime value chain.

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