Cloud Insights

  • Detailed traffic statistics
  • Automatic rerouting according to predefined rules
  • Integration into any setup without effort

Unmatched Insights

Detect anomalies at an early stage, analyze the behavior of attacks down to the smallest detail, or check the data flow in all facets.

Optimal fine-tuning

Set specific thresholds individually to identify anomalies even more accurately and even faster than ever before.

Easy implementation

Cloud Insights can be easily implemented into any existing setup – there is no additional work involved for you.

All possibilities
with one solution

A deeper insight into possible attack scenarios can help you better understand the attack and its peculiarities, thus developing an even more detailed understanding for future defense. An insight tool should, therefore, provide sufficient data flows for monitoring in the shortest possible time and without much effort.

Flexible security at any time

While most hybrid solutions require an active BGP connection, the Insights feature gives you more flexibility: You can continue using a standard BGP session or set up a Netflow export. The Netflow stream analyzes incoming data in real time and automatically switches a redirect when a predefined threshold is reached.

In the event of an attack, the system then acts exactly as you have previously defined. Or, instead, you can rely on Link11’s preset rule sets to provide comprehensive security without additional intervention.

Features that make a difference

IP-based accounting

Our system counts the traffic per IP in the system, thus giving an absolutely reliable value. This gives you an accurate overview, which leads to convenient billing and monitoring of clients and devices at the network level.

This is especially ideal for service providers, who can thus bill their clients without additional infrastructure.

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Detailed thresholds

Cloud Insights supports a selection of thresholds to fine-tune the system in case of a potential DDoS attack. For example, you can individually set thresholds for Mbps, packet rates, traffic sources, or source countries.

This can further tailor the protection to your requirements and reduce background noise. The result is fewer false positives or false negatives and, thus, significantly less verification effort.

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API Call Trigger

Cloud Insights can trigger automatic rerouting for you based on predefined rerouting rules. If such a rerouting occurs in the event of an attack, the system can trigger an additional predefined API call trigger.

This gives you the assurance of automatic and reliable protection in case of an attack and the possibility to start individual automation workflows for your infrastructure.

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Easy to use, powerful in the result

Everything at a glance: The dashboard shows key metrics, threat data, attacks averted, and data on bandwidth saved or traffic consumed. The flexibility of the data display is particularly noteworthy, as historical data can also be displayed via a data picker.


Reporting allows creating individual reports and scheduled reports, which can also be exported to PDF. In addition, there is function to send reports automatically at specified times.


User management gives administrators a detailed overview. User rights and security information can thus be conveniently checked and assigned. Details, such as the time of the last password change, and the activation of the two-factor authentication procedure can be found here.


Alarming: The notification frequency can be set in the contact settings. This allows customization so that users can be selected by products or areas of responsibility, for example. This way, only selected people can receive notifications and communication becomes more efficient.


Enhanced password management: Alphanumeric passwords and a configurable password length ensure that access is and remains secure. You can also use the WebGUI to set the maximum lifespan of passwords, prevent the reuse of older passwords and set a predefined limit for failed login attempts.


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