Securing Carbon Neutrality


Cyber resilience is becoming increasingly important for companies, institutions and governments worldwide. And it is doing so at an extremely rapid pace.

Global networking and the associated demand for computing power have lead to previously unimaginable possibilities and technical innovations, but it also poses a significant risk to our climate. Although modern data centers are a highly sought-after commodity, especially here in our home city of Frankfurt am Main, they also cause an exponential increase in electricity consumption. Private households are saving electricity, but power consumption by the IT industry is rising across the board: consumption figures of between 200 billion and 300 billion kilowatt-hours are predicted for 2030.

Given this growth, we have a duty to manage it responsibly. For this reason, Link11 has decided to pay special attention to environmental protection by deciding to make all of our business processes climate-neutral. We have therefore made it our business to make all our processes climate neutral.

We want to offer you the best possible service – not only today, but also tomorrow and a decade from now.

The Link11 offer in a green guise

Green company

At Link11, we want everyone to have the chance to do their part to help protect the climate. Wether it’s through our „Green Option“ or our active support of a climate-change book publisher. In this way, we not only optimize our products and processes, but also actively help reduce the carbon footprint of our partners.

Green customer option

Our customers can make an extra contribution to climate protection in just a few clicks using the special Green option. By doing so, you provide additional support to the climate projects we support and increase their available budgets to ensure optimal results. You can learn more about the projects we support further down the page.

Green partner

By joining forces with ClimatePartner, Link11 has found the ideal way to optimize our processes and make us completely climate-neutral. Through our collaboration, we protect our customers and ensure a safer and more livable future.

Green information diversity

An important part of climate protection is understanding what you can do to help. That’s why Link11 is cooperating with the authors of a best-selling book on climateprotection to distribute their work to interested parties, who can now easily obtain useful climate-action information in a convenient bundled form.

Green suppliers

We carefully select our partners (e.g. data centers) based not only how well they perform but also on their commitment to climate protection. Our partners purchase only green electricity and mainly operate in a climate-neutral manner, just as we do. This allows us to further strengthen our green efforts.


LINK11 is proud to meet all the requirements to be approved by The Green Web Foundation as a green provider. We are committing to provide carbon neutral services to all of our customers by taking part in the transition towards a greener internet.

Small gases, big effects:

The climate change

With the book “Small Gases, Big Effects: This is Climate Change“, two students took a path that earned our respect. All on their own, David Nelles and Christian Serrer took care of the research and writing to produce a substantial book that brings together important information on climate protection and sells for just five euros.

The students project is supported is supported by several enterprises, institutions, and well-known personalities. While the first book is now also available in languages other than German, a follow-up version is planned for the end of this year and will explore the topic in even greater depth. Since we like what they’re doing, Link11 is a proud sponsor of these climate protection advocates.

If you are interested in the purchase of this book, click here.



We work closely with ClimatePartner to reduce our emissions as much as possible. This means we measure our CO2 emissions and optimize the processes behind them to find and implement potential savings. To achieve our climate protection goals, we also support projects around the world to make up for our potential CO2 emissions discrepancy. These projects include: Wind power replaces parts of fossil energy regional, Drinking water supply in Odisha, India and Tree planting in Germany.

We are proud to announce that these projects have enabled us to compensate the total amount of our historical CO2 emissions since Link11 was founded in 2005. You can find
even more information about the projects we support at in combination with the use of our official ClimatePartner ID 15391-2104-1001/1443 and 15391-2104-1001.

Wind power replaces parts of fossil energy

Four wind turbines with a total capacity of six megawatts were installed in the Nashik region in Maharashtra, India. This climate change project aims to replace parts of the fossil energy by supplying renewable wind power into the regional NEWNE power grid, which supplies north, west and northeast India. This transition to the use of clean wind energy significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

  • This climate protection project generates approximately 12,530 megawatt hours of electricity per year.
  • This project contributes to sustainable development in India by creating local jobs.
  • The project saves about 11,560 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Safe drinking water supply in Odisha, India

Currently, about 2 billion people worldwide have no access to clean drinking water. As a result, many of these people must first boil water at great expense over a fireplace, which not only leads to increased CO2 emissions, but also promotes deforestation at the same time. This can easily be avoided by supplying people with purified drinking water, not only helping the climate but also doing a good deed on a humanitarian level.


  • Project Standard Gold Standard VER (GS VER)
  • Clean drinking water where it cannot be taken for granted
  • Validated by Gold Standard
  • 30,000 t CO2 Annual volume


Regional tree planting in Germany

Germany has some of the largest forest cover of any EU member state. But severe heat waves, fires, storms, and a massive pest infestation have taken a heavy toll on German forests and left extensive damage in their wake. The regional projects we support seek to protect, maintain, and expand natural forest areas and make a valuable contribution to sustainable climate protection.

  • Planting trees in your region
  • Project Standard Double project VCS, Social Carbon
  • Implemented by Protection community German Forest e.V