Online media plays an extremely important role in today’s information society and has replaced traditional print media as the most important news source in many areas. Many readers find out about news events several times a day – with the expectation of unlimited availability of the website or news app. Link11’s intelligent security technology ensures that content is accessible – around the clock.



More and more DDoS attacks on the media industry

Media have long been targeted by DDoS attacks, many of which are politically motivated. Since online media offerings are of great importance for democracy and freedom of opinion, security should play a paramount role. In times when hostility and hatred against dissenters is increasingly shifting to the digital realm and Covid-19 is unsettling and polarizing people, the media are also feeling the effects. With the result that the number of attacks has steadily increased.

Another point is the load peaks that regularly occur in media use when many people want to find out about current events at the same time. Here, even a relatively small attack is enough to slow down the web offering or even make it inaccessible. Furthermore, the accessibility of content behind a paywall plays an important role, because the inaccessibility of paid content is often perceived even more negatively by users and thus quickly causes dissatisfaction.

Actively prevent the potential risks for the media sector


  • “Content is king” is still considered the most important sales argument – but the content must be available around the clock.
  • Users expect not only topicality and accessibility, but also excellent performance of the digital services used at all times.
  • The switch of many users from print to online media is already well advanced, but it is far from over – increasing access figures can be expected in the coming years.
  • The digital content produced must be made available on computers as well as smartphones or tablet PCs.


  • Online services of any kind offer a wide area for DDoS attacks, which lead to a massive impairment of accessibility or performance.
  • The risk for high-volume attacks is steadily increasing, as access to DDoS attacks can now even be handled by order – “cybercrime-as-a-service” is unfortunately no longer a myth.
  • A suboptimal visitor experience could quite quickly cause users to migrate to the competition.
  • There is a risk of so-called “bad bots”, which lead to unnecessary traffic on the website and thus increase costs.

Which services are perfect for the media industry?

With its patented and proven technologies, Link11 offers a wide range of services that can be optimally implemented in the media sector. With us as your partner, you not only ensure increased security and optimized web performance, but also ensure user satisfaction at the same time.

Web DDoS Protection

  • The solution is based on an always-on principle and is therefore activated 24/7 to respond to threat situations in an automated manner.
  • The defense mechanism works with an internal scoring system – above a certain threshold, conspicuous IPs with high scores are blocked.
  • Web DDoS Protection guaranteed protection bandwidths of up to 1 Tbps in the event of a high-volume attack.
  • Thanks to intelligent TLS termination, the technology also provides protection against HTTP-based attacks (on Layer 7).

Infrastructure DDoS Protection

  • The protection solution relies on a globally networked scrubbing center architecture to effectively respond to even the largest attacks. protection against HTTP-based attacks.
  • Comprehensive protection at all times against volumetric and non-volumetric attacks on layers 3 and 4.
  • The Link11 Filter Cluster acts as an upstream shield, ensuring minimal latency and fully automated attack detection and mitigation.
  • With the Insights function, the customer can forward traffic information to Link11 on request, in order to be warned in good time of any anomalies detected.

Secure DNS

  • Reliable content delivery network (CDN) guarantees fast availability of static content where it is really needed.
  • Additional security barriers thanks to strict proxy rules and an additional Threat Protection Shield provide more protection.
  • Strict compliance with EU data protection regulations ensures that no data is sent to blacklisted countries.
  • Fast content access around the world, as access points span the globe.

Bot Management

  • Identifies, verifies, and blocks negative bots in an automated, real-time manner.
  • By controlling bot traffic, consistently better performance can be ensured, which safeguards and significantly enhances the user experience.
  • Security risks caused by “bad bots”, such as stolen credentials or created fake accounts, can be effectively prevented.
  • Just like Web DDoS protection and the Secure CDN, Bot Management is an important component of the all-encompassing Web Security Suite.

Case Study:
CBC Cologne Broadcasting Center GmbH

With CBC, the production and IT company of the RTL Germany media group has decided
to move away from previous ad hoc protection and instead rely on a permanent protection
solution from Link11. The ulterior motive for the repositioning arose from the threat assessment,                                                                            as the Cologne-based media company sees the potential of DDoS attacks as “concrete”.                                                                                           Link11 now takes over securing the company’s entire on-premise infrastructure.                                                                                                       This includes mail, B2B communications, the company’s websites, and file transfer services.                                                                                 Thanks to the switch to Link11’s technology, CBC can now rely on continuous protection that also guarantees
high protection bandwidths, providing an ideal security barrier 24/7.

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