With Link11’s Logistic protection solutions, you can secure your company‘s infrastructure and web applications against all threats on demand. Whether it’s DDoS attacks or malicious bots, Links11‘s intelligent technologies provide proven 24/7 security for the logistics industry.

Proactively protect your platform

Increasing threats to the
logistics industry

Logistics, with all it’s partners, customers and delivery agents, is more networked than almost any other industry, but above all because of its highly complex processes.

However, far-reaching networking also makes logistics companies extremely vulnerable to cybercriminals, who can easily cause massive damage if a network’s protective measures are inadequate. Fortunately, Link11 offers sophisticated security solutions to effectively protect logistics companies from the dangers of cybercrime.

Logistics is critical infrastructure

Our modern society functions like a finely tuned machine in which each cog meshes perfectly with the others. However, we’re all dependent on the technical systems that keep the individual processes running. If one process is disrupted, it automatically affects the others.

The logistics industry is an important part of this mechanism, which also goes by the name “critical infrastructure“. Without transportation, materials can no longer be transported from A to B, and without functioning supermarkets (for example), the food supply of the population collapses. For this reason, special attention must be paid to protecting logistics.

Digitization doesn’t just offer benefits


The logistics industry is heavily dependent on digital connectivity and customers are using more and more online services (ordering, tracking)

IoT devices enable information sharing throughout the supply chain process for logistics providers and customers alike

Customers expect same-day delivery of their packages. Time is therefore a critical factor for any logistics company


Downtimes can lead to delivery delays, which in turn lead to dissatisfied customers and lost revenue

Disruptions and delays in the supply chain can lead to dissatisfied customers

A secure API is a prerequisite for an uninterrupted service (e.g., scanner devices of the parcel service)

What can our Logistic Protection do for you?

In addition to Infrastructure DDoS Protection, Link11 also offers Web DDoS Protection. Both protection
solutions can be implemented either individually or, in the optimal case, as a perfectly
complementary duo for fully comprehensive security 24/7.


DDoS Infrastructure

As the name suggests, Link11’s Infrastructure DDoS Protection protects the company’s entire infrastructure. This is done with the help of a filter cluster that detects and mitigates malicious traffic or attacks before it becomes dangerous for the affected company. This minimizes the risk of server failures as much as possible and critical systems are not at risk of failure.


Web DDoS

Order forms in the logistics industry are handled via specific APIs that can be severely disrupted by DDoS attacks. With Web DDoS Protection, these vulnerable points are protected and can continue to perform their services. Web DDoS Protection is also a component of the Web Security Suite, which in addition to Bot Management also includes services such as a Zero Touch WAF or Secure DNS, which provide comprehensive protection for the entire network.

Our promise to customers


Our implemented AI detects cyber attacks on its own, is constantly evolving and does not need human help to function.


In case of a DDoS threat, our patented and fully automated protection solution acts in seconds to stop an attack.


Our technologies are all “Made in Germany” and have proven themselves at numerous companies. In addition, all our processes are compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive.

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Case study:
Hermes GmbH

With 12,000 employees and scores of customers and partners, Hermes is one of the largest logistics service providers in Europe. Due to the increasing number of cyberattacks, the company decided to strengthen its cyber resilience and commissioned Link11 to implement all-encompassing protection.

Hermes wanted the entire network infrastructure secured, including its VPN and mail servers, as well as firewalls. A particular focus in the first step was defending against DDoS attacks on the company's entire IP range and its domains. In the second step, the underlying web applications were fortified to provide all-round protection.

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