Zero Touch WAF

  • Effective protection against zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Whitelisting rules to customize personal preferences
  • Automated protection available right out of the box

Automated Protection

Our WAF product ensures effortless protection by proactively identifying and defending against a myriad of threats at all times.

Detailed Customization

Empower your strategy with bespoke WAF rules that allow you to design custom rules that fit your website or application needs.

High Flexibility

Customize your protection by flexible whitelisting rules to align with your customized/special website or application design.

All possibilities
with one solution

Unpatched software is still considered a dangerous gateway for cybercriminals today. The use of global exploits is not decreasing; the numbers keep increasing. To avoid relying on software support, you should rely on our Zero Touch WAF, which detects and stops such unwanted events.

Extensive & automated protection

In case of a threat, you should rely on a regularly updated WAF that effectively protects you from current threats. That’s why our Zero-Touch WAF is regularly updated and actively updated with new protection rules. This flexibility means you get increased and constantly updated security against zero-day threats, which is a step ahead of many larger WAF vendors due to its agility.

Virtual zero-day patching and coverage of the OWASP Top 10 rules guarantees you a high level of protection that always stays up to date. Important for you: we take care of all that. You always enjoy a high level of protection and don’t have to worry about anything else.

Vorteile ZeroTouchWAF

Tailored to your requirements

If you wish, you can design your WAF rules to tailor the protection solution as precisely as possible to your needs. Add this to the stored rules, incorporating our experience and an overview of the current security situation. This flexibility, combined with years of industry experience, opens up completely new possibilities for you.

The whitelisting rules also play an important role here: they allow you to customize the protection yourself, which is ideally suited to the design of your website or application. Ensure that your unique elements are preserved without compromising security.


Features that make a difference

Zero Day Protection

A zero-day exploit is a high-risk vulnerability previously unknown to the software manufacturer and for which no protection or patch existed at the time of its discovery.

The public, and especially the manufacturer of the affected product, usually only become aware of the vulnerability when attacks based on it are discovered. Zero Touch WAF effectively protects you from such threats.

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Should you have a unique or complex website design, turning off WAF rules is a great advantage. Although our WAF is implemented to work without your intervention and provide security against known malicious actions, you may need to turn off rules that affect their specific expected activities.

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Zero Touch

Here, the name really says it all: the system works completely autonomously, and no help or supervision is necessary from your side. The system is set up in the shortest possible time, and all processes are automated. This is extremely uncomplicated for you and conserves important resources.

Even the security updates are done without human intervention. The technology updates itself after updates are released, so it is always up to date to protect you from threats. However, you can delay the updates if you wish.

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Combine Zero Touch WAF with DDoS Protection

One reason is that cybercriminals can use DDoS attacks as a diversionary tactic to access personal data. Link11 Zero Touch WAF reliably detects web application attacks such as SQL injection, XSS, and CSRF if they’re part of OWASP Top 10 and blocks the malicious requests to ensure 24/7 availability of web resources. When WAF is deployed as an add-on to our DDoS Protection, its performance is maximized, and you benefit from additional security.

  • Low configuration and maintenance effort
  • Integrated and scalable solution
  • Protection against the OWASP top 10 threats
  • Centralized management of all applications (on-premise and cloud)

Why you can rely on Link11

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Effective protection against Zero Day threats

Together, we will create a customized solution for your Zero Touch WAF. Our security experts will be happy to support you and advise you without obligation on the benefits of our Link11 solutions for your company.