Business Challenges
and Trends

  1. For utilities as an “always-on” industry, downtime is not an option
  2. Utilities industry belongs to “critical infrastructure”. Trend shows that attackers focus on companies with highly critical systems
  3. Smart meter rollout ongoing to enable digital measurement of consumption


  1. Smart cities, power plants, control centers and power grids can be brought down by cyber attacks. The result is “supply shortage”
  2. Financial but also increasingly political motives for attacks
  3. Security of smart meter devices itself is one aspect, but protection of relevant APIs is an even bigger issue

Our Solution

How Link11 protects you

  1. Always-on, fully scalable DDoS protection
  2. 360° protection
  3. Web and infrastructure protection


  1. Elimination of downtimes and “supply shortage”
  2. 24/7 protection & service

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