Banking and finance services are not only critical to everyday life. They are also extremely
sensitive to negative influences from outside, because disruptions within these sectors are directly noticeable
to everyone. Link11 offers sophisticated and proven security technologies to reliably protect the banking and
financial services sector around the clock, at every level.



The banking & finance sector is
increasingly being targeted
by cyber criminals

Thanks to the widespread availability of online banking and online stock trading, the financial services sector has assumed an even more critical role. People are used to accessing their finances anytime and anywhere and conducting important transactions whenever they want. However, online financial services are also an attractive target for cyber criminals who, for example with DDoS attacks, have the ability to make entire banking portals inaccessible for a significant period of time. This leads to a significant damage for financial institutions and customers. Link11’s DDoS Protection exists specifially to prevent such incidents and safeguard online business.

The banking and finance services sector is regarded by the German federal government as critical infrastructure (= KRITIS), as a prolonged failure of these services could lead to a potential supply crisis within the country.

For this reason, the so-called IT Security Act applies here, provides for certain standards in the area of cyber security. Among other things, the law stipulates that the protection technology used must be state-of-the-art and that any data protection guidelines of the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU must be strictly adhered to. Of course, Link11’s patented protection solutions cover every requirement stipulated in the legislation.

The digital trend creates additional dangers for
the banking & finance sector


  • Digital transformation is in full swing in the banking sector
  • The business model of banking is changing (from direct customer contact to digital customer relationships)
  • Banking is going online: 24/7, worldwide
  • High dependency on online service availability and stability
  • “Critical infrastructure” with mandatory IT security requirements


  • Cyberattacks can disrupt online businesses
  • The financial sector is one of the most frequently attacked industries
  • Prolonged downtime leads to consumer fears that their money is no longer safe or even available
  • Risk potential even higher than a financial crisis (The World Economic Forum Davos)
  • Evolution from human vs. human to machine vs. machine


With Link11 innovative and proven protection solutions, companies in the banking and financial services sector are reliably protected around the clock and at all levels.

  1. 1

    ISO 27001 certification

    Link11 is ISO 27001 certified and has an absolute focus on responsible handling of data and information of any kind. For you, this means that you can rely on our confidentiality and integrity at all times. Your data is in safe hands with us.

  2. 2

    PCI-DSS certification

    Payment card data is extremely sensitive information that requires special protection. With PCI-DSS certification, we ensure special protection of this data at all levels. You therefore do not have to worry about customer data falling into the possession of third parties and being misused for the wrong purposes.

  3. 3

    BSI qualified DDoS protection provider

    The German federal Office for information Technology (BSI) checks DDoS protection providers down to the smallest detail to see whether they can ensure the necessary aspects for optimal protection of critical infrastructure. DDoS providers are only certified if they meet all of the BSI’s high quality standards.

  4. 4

    Framework agreement according to MaRisk AT9

    Companies in the financial industry are subject to strict requirements when it comes to IT outsourcing. For this reason, BaFin’s minimum requirements for Risk Management (MaRisk) exist to ensure that certain precautions are taken to minimize risk when outsourcing. Link11 meets to set requirements according to MaRisk AT19.

  5. 5

    Compliance with the auditing standard IDW PS 951

    Audits in accordance with the auditing standard IDW PS 951 ensure that the internal control system of the selected service provider covers the adequacy, implementation and effectiveness for a defined period of time. If an audit with the these standards is requested by you, we will of course be happy to fulfill all of the required audit points.


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