Banking & Finance

Business Challenges
and Trends

  1. Digital transformation is taking place in the banking sector
  2. Business model of banking is changing (from Brick-and-Mortar towards digital customer relationship)
  3. Banking goes online. 24/7, global-wide
  4. High dependency on availability and stability of online services
  5. “Critical infrastructure” with mandatory IT security requirements


  1. Cyberattacks can interrupt online businesses
  2. Finance is one of the most attacked sectors
  3. Long lasting interruption leads to „run on the banks“: fears among consumers that their money is no longer safe or even available
  4. Potential risk even higher than a financial crisis (The World Economic Forum Davos)
  5. Shift from human vs. human towards machine vs. machine

Our Solution

How Link11 protects you

  1. DDoS Protection against any volumetric attack and for the whole infrastructure
  2. Secure defense against all types of DDoS attacks
  3. Unlimited protection, regardless of attack duration and type


  1. Compliant with regulations of financial super-vision and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  2. Business continuity by securing mission critical touch points

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