Online Gaming


Online Gaming

Online gaming brings joy to millions of people every day and the number of players is constantly increasing. But since the
multiplayer experience takes place purely online, any server inaccessibility leads to frustrated and angry customers.
With Link11’s sophisticated security solutions, you can secure your gaming infrastructure and keep server downtime to an absolute minimum.

Server under attack

DDoS attacks are
unfortunately a permanent

Video gaming has become a billion-dollar business and a large part of the revenue is made through online multiplayer connectivity. Every day, players log on to the gaming servers to pursue their hobby. Here, however, customers expect not only smooth performance, but all around-the-clock availability.

DDoS attacks that make logging in difficult or impossible are a major risk here, especially at peak times or on public holidays. Unavailable servers do considerable damage to a company’s reputation, and in the case of particularly long outages, customers may even turn their backs on the service. The resulting damage can be considerable, both financially and in terms of external impact. Link11’s infrastructure DDoS protection takes care of this problem by protecting you and your servers around the clock.

Customers expect lasting perfection in online gaming


Online gaming has grown enormously in importance in recent years

The variety of services and gaming options available on the Internet has grown dramatically

The industry is heavily dependent on system availability

“Real time” is essential in this industry, instant access is a must


Cyber attacks can affect the availability of services and infrastructure

Even the smallest delay in server response (latency) impacts the business (poor user experience, no customer satisfaction, no real-time experience)

Dissatisfied customers might become attackers

Why is Link11 the ideal partner?

Link11’s Infrastructure DDoS Protection is specifically designed for customers who can’t afford server downtime and is therefore
often used in the hosting sector. With our intelligent AI-based protection solution, you secure yourself
against dangerous DDoS attacks and benefit from our three service promises for optimal operation of your servers.

Link11 technology advantages

  • Link11's automated cloud solution provides real-time protection.
  • Our solution specializes in DDoS protection for systems that must be continuously accessible
  • Infrastructure DDoS protection is enabled 24/7 and provides fully scalable security
  • Uninterrupted service and world-class availability
  • No business risk due to latency
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