API Protection

  • Improved protection for your APIs
  • Reliable detection of suspicious activities
  • Maximized availability during attacks
API Protection

Improved availability

Keep APIs running smoothly: Ensure your APIs are always available and responsive, even when facing heavy traffic or attack loads.

Precise detection

Spot and stop suspicious activity: Identify and block harmful automated activities targeting your APIs, keeping your data and services secure.

Better protection

Guard against common threats: Protect your APIs from common web security risks, making them resilient against potential vulnerabilities.

All possibilities
with one solution

Many companies experience API attacks with regularity and many of them could have been prevented or at least better contained with better preparation. With our API Protection, you can solve the problem in no time and ensure maximum availability of your services, without major implementation effort.

DDoS Protection

Safeguard your API endpoints from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that can disrupt services, ensuring uninterrupted availability and performance.

Our DDoS Protection service is built to withstand even the most aggressive DDoS attacks, and can be leveraged to ensure uninterrupted API availability. With advanced traffic analysis and heuristics, we maintain optimal performance under heavy loads. Our robust infrastructure, including a global content delivery network (CDN), efficiently handles incoming requests, safeguarding against service disruptions.

Vorteile API Protection

Bot Management

Identify and manage automated bot traffic to your APIs, distinguishing between good bots and malicious bots, allowing you to optimize API resources and security.

Utilizing sophisticated bot detection and management techniques, our Bot Management service identifies and neutralizes malicious bot traffic in real-time. Through behavioral analysis and pattern recognition, we pinpoint and block harmful bots attempting to exploit vulnerabilities. This proactive approach guarantees the security of your traffic, protecting sensitive data and maintaining the integrity of your services.

Zero Touch WAF

Benefit from essential security protections against the OWASP Top 10 most critical web application vulnerabilities, bolstering the security of your APIs against common attack vectors like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and more.

Our WAF service incorporates a comprehensive OWASP Top 10 as well as currated rulesets, defending against common web security threats like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). Through continuous monitoring and anomaly analysis, we ensure your APIs are shielded from both known and evolving attack vectors.

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API Protection at the highest level

Together, we will create a customized solution for your API Protection. Our security experts will happily support you and advise you without obligation on the benefits of our Link11 solutions for your company.