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DDoS Report for Central Europe - Q2 2018


The Link11 Security Operation Center has published its DDoS report for the second quarter 2018. Despite the fact that the number of attacks declined between April and June, the complexity and impact of the attacks has increased. Multivector attacks exploiting different weaknesses in IT infrastructures accounted for almost half of all attacks during the second quarter. The attackers also conducted high-volume attacks for which they used the reflection amplification vectors SSDP, CLDAP, DNS and Memcached.

  • The total duration of attacks during the quarter was 1,221 hours
  • 17% of attacks used two vectors, while 16% used three
  • The most frequently observed attacks were UDP floods (59.7%), TCP SYN floods (3.3%) and ICMP floods (0.9%)
  • Memcached was the most used reflection amplification technique, with 773 attacks observed using this technique, highlighting that Memcached is still an issue. The SSDP reflection technique generated the greatest proportion of DDoS packets

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