DDoS Report 2022

DDoS Reports

Adaptive and complex - DDoS Attacks and their MetamorphosisLink11's DDoS Report provides an overview of the threat landscape in 2022. DDoS attacks are constantly evolving. They are becoming more adaptive, complex and dangerous. Link11's security experts summarize what new DDoS threats enterprises faced: "turbo attacks" that reached their critical payload very quickly, increased intensity of DDoS attacks, and the largest multi-vector attack with 18 vectors used simultaneously.Download the Link11 DDoS Report 2022 and get detailed data and insights:

  • Statistics on numerous attack parameters
  • Important events for 2022
  • Trends in the quality and quantity of attacks
  • Trends in attack bandwidths
  • Outlook

Further information on the document

Number of pages:24
Published:February 22, 2023

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