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DDoS Report for Central Europe - Q1 2017


The number of DDoS attacks remained consistently high during the first quarter of 2017. Between January and March, attackers directed their attacks to targets in Europe 11,510 times. According to analyses by the Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC), this means that every two minutes a business in Europe suffered a DDoS attack.

Further insights on the DDoS threat in Europe can be found in the current Link11 DDoS Report

  • From the first quarter of 2016, DDoS attacks in Europe have increased by more than 66 %
  • Unlike in early 2016, DDoS attackers were very active in January 2017 and started 7,462 attacks
  • The attack duration increased in comparision to Q1 2016 by 9 % to 74,530 minutes or 1,242 hours
  • The attacks are not distributed evenly over the course of a week, most attacks start on Saturdays and Sunday
  • The largest DDoS attack averted by the LSOC reached a peak bandwidth of 60.2 Gbps
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