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Secure DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) is responsible for translating human-readable domain names into numeric IP addresses. This process ensures instant, secure and reliable access to your website, regardless of where your users are or what device they are using. So you stay always connected to the Internet.

Why DNS protection?

Despite the importance, many organizations are reluctant to deploy a sufficient DNS infrastructure and only rely on two or three DNS servers. As a result, they leave their services vulnerable to DDoS attacks and data center outages.

Our Solution

Link11 Secure DNS

The domain name service Secure DNS provided by Link11 resolves DNS requests through the global network consisting of redundant servers. This enables you to offer your customers faster and more reliable availability - independent of your ISPs DNS servers and without additional hardware or software installations required.

Why Link11 Secure DNS is more reliable

  1. Global server network (redundant infrastructure)
  2. Several servers at all points of presence (POP'S)
  3. Connection via several tier 1 carriers
  4. 100% availability guaranteed by Service Level Agreements with strong partners

Why Link11 Secure DNS is faster

  1. Strategically placed nodes on the most important intersections of the internet
  2. DNS requests are always answered by the closest server
  3. Content is reached by users faster than ever before.

Built-In Security

You get access to comprehensive DNS protection against DDoS attacks based on DNS. Our self-developed platform is resilient to hijacking and other cybercriminal attempts.

High Performance

The globally distributed BGP and IP anycast network responds accurately and manages millions of queries per day. You gain access to far-reaching control and flexibility with the advanced management features. Secure DNS includes a management dashboard with failover options that provide an additional level of redundancy.

DNS Shielding

The DNS Shielding minimizes the security risk of DDoS attacks and provides low latency and a better response rate.


We are happy to advise you on individual Secure DNS solutions for your company