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Secure DNS
The Domain Name System

How Secure
DNS from Link11 works

Link11’s global Anycast network ensures your servers remain visible and accessible on the Internet 24/7.

Domain name server requests are resolved by Link11 Secure DNS (Domain Name System) over the global network of redundant servers. This allows you to offer your customers faster and more reliable availability, independent of your ISPs DNS servers and without the need for additional hardware or software installations.

The benefits of Link11’s Secure DNS:

Integrated security

Get access to comprehensive DNS protection against DNS-based DDoS attacks. Our proprietary platform is impervious to takeover attempts and other cybercrimes.

High performance

The globally distributed BGP-and-IP-Anycast network responds accurately and manages millions of queries daily. Advanced management features give you control and flexibility.

DNS Shielding

DNS Shielding minimizes the security risk of malicious DDoS attacks and provides low latency and better response rates. This increases protection and optimizes speed.

Secure DNS: Simple, reliable, and fast

Here’s what makes Secure DNS from Link11
even more reliable:

  • Worldwide server locations (redundant infrastructure)
  • Multiple servers at all points of presence (POP’s)
  • Network connection via Tier-1 carrier
  • Management dashboard with failover options

Link11’s Secure DNS makes it
even faster:

  • Strategically placed nodes at the Internet’s most important interfaces.
  • DNS queries are always answered by the server closest to you
  • Users reach your services faster than ever before

Why is there a need
for secure DNS?

The DNS acts as a quasi-interface between the domain name and IP address and therefore represents a central point within IT security. And because this point is rarely adequately protected by companies, cyber criminals have been quick to exploit this vulnerability to gain network access.

DNS-based attacks are increasing every year, and there’s little sign that the trend will level off. This opens the gates for potential DDoS attacks, domain phishing, or cache poisoning, to list just a few threats.

That’s why we recommend that you review your current security efforts and upgrade them if necessary. You don’t want to be kicking yourself for missing that opportunity when it’s too late.

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