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Why you should use Link11
Web Security Suite

Your benefits using the
Link11 Web Security Suite

  • SLA guaranteed protection against all kinds of complex DDoS attacks due to a superior and scalable cloud platform.
  • Web shop statistics that show all the relevant details. Reduction of server costs and prevention of sales loss due to bad bots.
  • Better ressource allocation thanks to an easy to implement and maintainable WAF solution with no need of manual rule setting.
  • The best experience for customers and partners likewise as an instant, secure and reliable access to websites has been implemented.
  • Fast content and application delivery to customers and businesses in a secure way.
  • A comprehensive web security strategy thanks to a complete package.

Our Web Security Suite services are:


An AI-based technology that learns along, constantly evolves, and takes the unconventional route with the whitelisting approach. A security solution you can rely on at all times.


A proven real-time mitigation within 0 – 10 seconds on all vectors. The always-on cloud-based functionality protects 24/7 and responds within the shortest possible time.


Link11’s approach significantly reduces risks and threats. Our protection solutions are all “Made in Germany” and all operate within the European Data Protection Regulation.

Cyber attacks have long since
ceased to be a rarity

The threat landscape statistics for 2022 are crystal clear and
frightening at the same time. The trend is quite alarming:

In the year 2020 50 million DDoS attacks
In Europe (1st half of 2020) 270 million automated bot attacks
In North America (1st half of 2020) 442 million automated bot attacks
Safety at all levels

The complete cyber resilience package for your web applications

The Link11 Web Security Suite includes Web DDoS protection, Bot Management, Zero Touch WAF,
Secure DNS and Secure CDN to ensure a comprehensive web security strategy for customers.

Web DDoS Protection

The most important protective barrier against harmful attacks that damage your reputation and profit.

Bot Management

Prevent a weaker website performance, unhappy user satisfaction, and potentially lost sales.

Zero Touch WAF

Harden your cyber resilience. Automated rule setting saves cost and puts human error out of the equation.

Secure DNS

Make sure your servers are visible 24/7 on the Internet through
Link11’s global anycast network.

Secure CDN

Gain better user experience by using Link11’s geo-distributed,
load-balancing and secure content delivery network.

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