DDos Protection

DDoS Protection
by Link11

  • Our AI system learns in real time from all attacks blocked by Link11.
  • The patented DDoS Protection is always one step ahead.
  • Zero time-to-mitigate for known, under 10 seconds for new vectors. Guaranteed.
600 .000+
Attacks mitigated
1.118 .118 Gbps
Largest attack blocked
360 °
Protection on all layers
Security in two respects

Reliable DDoS protection without any loopholes

Link11 offers two solutions at once with its patented 360-degree security solution to either protect
critical network infrastructures or fend off attacks against web applications.

Infrastructure DDoS Protection
Security solution 1

Infrastructure DDoS Protection

With the help of Link11’s technology, your network infrastructures are protected around the clock via Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). All of this is automated, without any human involvement. This ensures straightforward and effective handling of potential threats and an infrastructure that remains unaffected during a DDoS attack.

Web DDoS Protection
Security solution 2

Web DDoS Protection

At the core of Link11’s protection solution is a complex and self-learning AI that analyzes and stops attacks in a fraction of a second. Together with our fingerprint technology, which classifies every visitor in the background according to threat level using hundreds of parameters, web applications are safe from negative influences around the clock.

Why accept 1 SLA when you can get 3 with Link11

360-degree DDoS Protection

  • Patented reliable and self-learning AI that prevents humans errors
  • SLA guaranteed real-time response for all vectors at all levels within 0-10 seconds of an attack
  • SLA protection bandwiths of 100/200/500/1.000 Gbps within our own global multi-terabit network. Guaranteed.
  • SLA guaranteed service uptime up to 99,99%

Our Service Philosophy


Intelligent and automated AI technology that uses “whitelisting” legitimate traffic is learned autonomously which results in real-time detection of threats and anomalies.


Real-time mitigation within 0 to 10 seconds of all vectors. Always-on combined with the cloud-based protection solution ensures immediate response.


We significantly reduce risks and avoid prolonged system downtime. Our protection solution is “Made in Germany” and 100 percent compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive.

Your advantages of the patented
Link11 anti DDoS solution

Protect your web pages and IT infrastructure from DDoS attacks on all levels

Cyber attacks get increasingly
dangerous and expensive

The threat landscape for the first half of 2021 shows:
DDoS attacks are becoming more complex and larger

Rise in complex attacks: from 49 % to 65 %
Peak in DDoS attack bandwiths: 1.118 Gbps
The longest attack: 5.1489 minutes
Unser LSoC-Team überwacht den DDoS-Schutz rund um die Uhr
Unser LSoC-Team überwacht den DDoS-Schutz rund um die Uhr
Risk prevention recommended

DDoS protection in detail –
Cyber weapons in action

Systematic attacks via hijacked computers and servers aim at smothering the target’s unprotected infrastructure. The resulting downtime damages the reputation and the business. Some attacks even serve as a distraction while a major data theft is under way.

Protection from such attacks plays a significant role and is usually readily available.

DDoS attacks are capable of paralyzing web servers or entire networks. Unlike simple denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) have an enormous impact. With this method, multiple computers attack a web page or an entire network infrastructure concurrently and as an array (bot networks).

This can quickly cause a server outage. Typical DDoS attacks aim at overloading the access link, the firewall resources, and the web and database servers.

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