Link11 Transforms Executive Management and Establishes Advisory Board

  • Lisa Fröhlich
  • September 12, 2022

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    Link11 Transforms Executive Management and Establishes Advisory Board

    Link11 completes baton handover. As planned, effective December 31, 2022, Marc Wilczek (COO) will step down from the Executive Board and transition into the company’s newly created Advisory Board as per January 1, 2023.

    In the future, Jens-Philipp Jung (CEO) will assume responsibility for sales, marketing, and business development, while Karsten Desler (CTO) remains in charge of all Technology-related aspects of the business. Going forward, the company’s strategy will be even more focused upon product development to set the company up for future growth.

    Over the past five years, Marc Wilczek has done significant work to grow the company and contributed hugely to its success and expansion. Besides professionalizing sales and marketing, he spearheaded the internationalization of the business with great enthusiasm and initiated, among other things, Link11’s market entry in various countries as well as the acquisition of DOSarrest. Under his leadership, numerous key customers were acquired, and monthly subscription revenues nearly tripled.

    “Since joining us in late 2017, Marc Wilczek has supported Link11’s journey with great dedication and professionalized the company structure for the next strategic phase. Together with Marc, we have driven internationalization and business development. We cordially want to thank him for his valuable contribution to sustainably developing and successfully expanding our company,” say Jens-Philipp Jung and Karsten Desler.

    With his move to the Advisory Board, he will continue to support the two founders in an advising capacity as a valuable sparring partner and competent companion. “Link11 is a remarkable company, and I have enjoyed giving so much passion to it. I want cordially thank Jens-Philipp Jung and Karsten Desler for their trust, and the executives and all employees for the very positive teamwork. We have achieved an incredible amount together. I am looking forward to supporting the team in my new role as an advisor and as a friend in the future,” adds Marc Wilczek.

    Besides this step, the IT company’s management is also building on a solid second management level. With a broad-based management team, a structured sales team and a stronger focus on product development, the company headquartered in Frankfurt am Main is preparing for the next growth phase.

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