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Fast emergency help in case of DDoS attacks!
Simply fill out the form or call us 24/7 under:
+49 (0) 69-264929799

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Link11 is always at your service:

  • Professional help and resilient protection against DDoS attacks
  • Direct contact to an English-speaking security expert
  • 24/7, immediate and sustainable
  • Fast, easy and discreet

What are the issues?

To enable the Link11 Security Team to start the DDoS defense quickly, we would like to know the following from you:

  • Which service is being attacked?
  • Are there collateral damages?
  • Is there any communication with the attacker? You should not engage in blackmail of any kind.
  • Is it an in-house service and/or are other service providers involved?
  • Has a DDoS mitigation solution already been implemented that may have been bypassed?

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