DDoS Protection for WISAG from Link11

  • Fabian Sinner
  • October 22, 2020

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    DDoS Protection for WISAG from Link11

    Link11 protects WISAG’s IT infrastructure against DDoS attacks and secures the company’s increasingly digitalized working environment

    Link11, a specialized European IT security provider in the field of cyber resilience, has acquired a new customer. WISAG is using Link11’s protection solutions to protect its IT infrastructure against DDoS attacks and strengthen the company’s overall cyber resilience. WISAG’s core business comprises a wide range of services for offices and commercial and residential real estate for industry, airlines, and airports. These business areas and product lines are increasingly supported and enhanced by digital technologies. To ensure they remain reliable and available, WISAG chose Link11 to be its IT security partner after an extensive review.

    The DDoS protection solution for the company’s IT infrastructure has been successfully implemented. From now on, the company network – including its data center, subnets, VPN access, mail server and web applications – will be protected against DDoS attacks.

    “We’re proud that WISAG has chosen Link11’s experienced support to secure its digital transformation and corporate IT,” says Marc Wilczek, Link11’s Managing Director. “Given the increasing complexity of IT infrastructures, the rapid development of digitalization, and the significant increase in cybercrime, it’s not always easy for IT managers to ensure the availability and security of company systems. Thanks to our many years of experience in cyber defense and the deployment of our patented DDoS protection solution, we can provide WISAG with maximum security.”

    Michael Futterer, Head of Information Systems and authorized representative at WISAG, says: “As a service provider, we’re on duty for our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in many areas. This requires our systems to be reliable and highly available. Link11’s solution guarantees this for us and provides comprehensive protection against cyberattacks.”

    WISAG has opted for permanent protection of its network. Using a tunnel connection, data traffic is permanently redirected and checked via Link11’s DDoS scrubbing center. This ensures that WISAG’s IT infrastructure is protected around the clock against DDoS attacks of all kinds, thus creating a secure IT basis for stable business operations.

    About WISAG

    WISAG is one of Germany’s leading service providers. With approximately 50,000 employees, the family-owned business provides a wide range of services for office, commercial and residential real estate for industry, airlines, and airports. The WISAG Group operates in more than 250 locations in Germany and abroad.

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