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On Demand Webinar

Good BOTs versus Bad BOTs - How to Handle BOT Traffic in 2020?

Link11 and NimbusDDOS experts provide an overview of currents trends and solutions when it comes to BOT Management

Agenda of this 25mins Webcast:

  • What is a BOT?
  • Good BOTs
  • Bad BOTs
  • What is BOT Mitigation?
  • Why should companies use it?
  • Summary


  • Joss Penfold, Regional Director UK & Ireland of Link11 
  • Andrew Shoemaker, Technical Founder and CEO of NimbusDDOS

Link11 Webinar featuring Forrester

How to Succeed in the New Zero Outage Era

Watch this thought leading free online webinar and panel discussion

In this webinar, recorded on Tuesday, 30 June 2020, our guest speaker, David Holmes, Forrester’s Senior Research Analyst for Security and Risk Professionals, shared concrete research insights on current cyber resilience trends, focusing on security architecture, buyer behavior and relevant distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks following the COVID-19 pandemic. Karsten Desler and Marc Wilczek from Link11 joined into a panel discussion to debate the issue of the new zero outage era from the perspective of an IT security provider.   


  • David Holmes, Forrester’s Senior Research Analyst for Security and Risk Professionals
  • Karsten Desler, Managing Director, CTO, Link11
  • Marc Wilczek, Managing Director, COO, Link11
  • Craig Coward, IT Media Relations Specialist (Moderator)

On Demand Webinar

Threat Landscape Q1/2020: The Economy in the Crosshairs of Cybercriminals

Link11 experts provide insight into current digital threats and devastating effects they can have on companies.

Cyber-attacks at national and international levels are constantly increasing, and this reality isn’t only manifested in new market developments in the cyber security field. According to a recently published Link11 DDoS report, there has been an increase in both the complexity of attacks and growing abuse of cloud servers. These and further developments will be discussed in greater depth by our experts in a webcast.


  • Marc Wilczek, COO of Link11 
  • Karsten Desler, CTO of Link11

On Demand Webinar

Strategic Cyber Defense: Why Time Matters

The faster a security incident is dealt with, the lower its costs.

Time is money: it’s an old axiom in business, but it applies equally to cyberattacks. The more time that elapses until an attack is detected and successfully fend off or stopped, the greater the damage is usually. The so-called "time-to-mitigate" can therefore serve as a benchmark for security measures.


Joss Penfold, Regional Sales Director UK, Link11

On Demand Webinar

Cyber Resilience in Times of Covid-19

The pandemic is linked to increased cyber risks. This poses a massive challenge to the cyber security of companies, which are forced to increase their digital resilience.

As the corona virus continues to spread, companies are enabling their employees to work remotely and continue all business processes digitally from home. However, this important preventive measure also poses major risks for the cyber security of employees, as well as for the company's entire IT infrastructure. This calls for a consistent strengthening of the highly networked systems and processes.

In the pre-recorded on-demand webinars with security experts from Link11, you will learn which challenges need to be addressed during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond:

  • Successfully mitigating cyber attacks
  • Providing IT security 24/7
  • Remaining operational

 You can use the chat function to ask questions, which we strive to answer within 24-48 hours by e-mail.

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On Demand Webinar

How to Avoid the Most Common DDoS Incident Response Mistakes

DDoS expert and NimbusDDOS founder, Andrew Shoemaker, reveals the common pitfalls of DDoS incident response. These pitfalls result in longer downtime and greater DDoS attack impact; yet are completely preventable.

In this recorded webinar, you will learn about:

  • Real-world case studies of common failures
  • Manual vs. Automated Incident Response – what the numbers are telling us
  • Where enterprises waste the most time during a DDoS attack
  • Get a checklist to incident response success


  • Andrew Shoemaker - Founder, Chief Engineer, CEO of NimbusDDOS
  • Eduard Meelhuysen - Vice President Sales EMEA, Link11