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DDoS Protection via DNS Forwarding

24/7 Protection of Webservers

  1. Protects webservers against volumetric, protocol- and application-based attacks 
  2. Permanent protection in real-time
  3. Analysis based on user behavior
  4. Cost efficient
  5. Low implementation efforts
  6. Protection is immediately active
  7. Already available for one IP address
  8. Based on a patented filter technology

DDoS Protection via BGP

360┬░ Protection of Networks

  1. All-round protection of enterprise networks including mail, VPN, FTP and more
  2. Available as hot-standby and permanent protection
  3. Automatic activation available
  4. Protects against volumetric DDoS attacks
  5. Low administration effort
  6. Fast implementation
  7. No invest in hardware necessary
  8. No maintenance needed

Benefits from partnering

  1. Link11 has a high market awareness
  2. Local support, short distances, data privacy
  3. 360┬░cloud-based DDoS Protection
  4. No certifications needed
  5. Over 54,000 DDoS attacks blocked in 2018

Great reasons to start

  1. Increasing demand for DDoS protection
  2. Rapid growth of the IT security market
  3. Cloud-based technologies will make up 50% of all protection solutions
  4. Link11 DDoS Protection is attractive for companies of all sizes
  5. No investments
  6. No certifications needed

Additional revenues

  1. Simple pricing model with attractive margins
  2. Consulting revenue
  3. Revenue from managed services
  4. Managed security revenue
  5. Can be combined with other security projects

Convincing arguments

  1. European data privacy is respected
  2. "Made in Germany"
  3. No additonal data center costs
  4. no maintenance
  5. Provider-independant

DDoS as a serious cyber risk

  1. Increasing popularity in DDoS extortion campaigns
  2. DDoS attacks can be easily ordered online
  3. Companies are more dependent on the internet
  4. Internet connection as main weak point of businesses

Multi-Awarded DDoS Protection

Become an expert with Link11

The multi-award-winning DDoS Protection from Link11 is the perfect addition to your IT security portfolio and comes with many benefits.

You can profit from the ongoing growth of the DDoS protection market as well as the constant expansion of Link11 in the global market. Link11 received the Deloitte Technology Fast-50 award numerous times as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Germany.

The increasing demand for DDoS protection solutions on the part of enterprises offers you a great opportunity to increase your own growth as well. The attractive terms from Link11 provide strategic benefits for your company and clients.