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Link11 Insights Report: Analysis of the DDoS attacks by ZZb00t


Between late April and late May 2017, a DDoS attacker calling himself ZZb00t was active primarily in Germany. British companies were also hit by his attacks. The Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC) was able to gain insights into numerous attacks carried out by the self-proclaimed vulnerabilities hunter and analyzed the attack patterns. Beside his meticulous research into the weak spots of his victims’ IT infrastructure, his prolific Twitter communications stood out, whereas previous attackers such as DD4BC and Stealth Ravens did not seek publicity. The report summarizes attack analyses and contains excerpts from ZZb00t’s Twitter messages, which have since become inaccessible.

The ZZb00t special report analyzes:

  1. the perpetrator’s profile and motives his public Twitter communication
  2. his DDoS attack method and its impact
  3. his extortion attempts.
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