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DDoS Report for Central Europe - Q2-Q3 2017


An increasing number of attacks, more aggressiveness, new vectors and new emerging botnets make DDoS an increasingly important topic for unsecured organizations among all industries. Throughout the past months, there was a continuous increase of the average bandwidth among with a rising number and duration of attacks.

  • The number of defended attacks reached a new peak between July and September with 26,945 attacks.
  • In the third quarter, the LSOC had to fend off 48.8% more attacks than in the previous quarter.
  • Of the nearly 27,000 attacks in the 3rd quarter, 16,108 attacks occurred in July alone.
  • The largest attack registered and averted in the 2nd and 3rd quarter was 83.1 Gbps.
  • With 12 DDoS attacks, the bandwidth peaks in Q2 and Q3 were over 50 Gbps.

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