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DDoS Protection for Hosting Providers


The standard situation of a hosting provider is usually the following: There are existing redundant internet connections that are provided by two or more ISPs/carriers (multihoming). The infrastructure behind is shared by most customers. When these shared resources are overloaded by a DDoS attack (i.e. internet connection, access router or firewall) this will have a serious impact on the whole system. A traditional DDoS protection solution based on an appliance only works as long as the attack does not exceed the physical size of the internet connection or the performance capacity of the hardware. Nowadays, attacks beyond the 100 Gbps mark are not uncommon.

Yet, only a handful of hosting providers can provide such bandwidth or appropriately dimensioned hardware to protect against these large attacks. The only option is to reroute the traffic over an external protection service that has access to the needed resources to filter the malicious traffic.

The Link11 Protection Solution for Hosting Providers includes all useful measures to protect the hosted customers.

  1. DDoS protected IP-Access
  2. Basic BGP protection (White Label)
  3. BGP protection standby / Permanent
  4. DDoS protection via DNS-Forwarding
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