Find product information on the Link11 DDoS Protection and further features, our quarterly DDoS reports with exclusive statistics and analyses on mitigated attacls and detailed infographics on the results of our research projects.

DDoS Protection - CDN - Optimization - SSL


The patent pending Link11 DDoS Protection Cloud is based on a worldwide unique technology. Via a two-level protection method all attacks are blocked and filtered. The DDoS Protection Platform from Link11 includes further tools that boost your performance and helps you to deliver your content to customers more secure. You have access to a large-scale portfolio with SSL, CDN (Content Distribution Network) and Optimization tools combined with the Link11 DDoS Protection.

The following Link11 products are presented in the brochure:

  1. Cloud based DDoS protection from Link11 with Fingerprint Identification and the Self-Learning AI Shield
  2. Monitoring Network Status with Link11 Monitoring
  3. Insight into the real-time traffic analysis via Link11 WebGUI
  4. Optimization tools such as Caching, Load Balancing and Geo Routing maximize performance, security and reliability
  5. Protecting the DNS infrastructure with Link11 Secure DNS
  6. Taking care oft he complete SSL Management and SSL Offloading

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