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[Webinar]: How memcached reflection threatens IT security

10/10/2018        Threat Landscape
[Webinar]: How memcached reflection threatens IT security
Eleven Pictures/ Link11

2018 is the year of high volume DDoS attacks. Since the emergence of the new attack vector memcached reflection in February, new bandwidth records have been set. Companies worldwide suddenly found themselves exposed to a new DDoS risk. In a webinar, the Link11 IT security experts Karsten Desler and Aatish Pattni explain how to assess the threats.  

Today's global IT infrastructures face a DDoS threat that has never existed before with such massive bandwidths. This issue relates to attack vectors, which can hit companies with a really destructive attack volume due to enormous amplification factors. The largest possible 'amplification reflection vector' to date has been detected in memcached reflection attacks. Cyber criminals can theoretically use the vector to increase their attacks by a factor of 50,000.

The terabit era has started

The new high-volume vector has achieved attack volumes that were previously impossible through reflected IoT attacks or amplified DNS and NTP reflection attacks. With the emergence of memcached reflection, the terabit level was quickly exceeded. Within a few days, memcached reflection set two new records for attack bandwidths with 1.3 Tbps and 1.7 Tbps.

Several months have passed since the first memcached reflection attack, but the all-clear cannot be given by any means. In fact, the Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC) recorded a significant amount of memcached reflection activity in Q2 2018, as can be seen from the latest DDoS report from the IT security experts.

In the webinar, Kasten Desler and Aatish Pattni explain how to assess the current memcached threat situation and how companies can adequately protect themselves against high volume DDoS attacks.

Link11 Memcached Webinar (@Link11)

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