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Link11 DDoS Report Q4 2017: 13,452 Attacks in 92 Days

04/04/2018        Threat Landscape
Link11 DDoS Report Q4 2017: 13,452 Attacks in 92 Days
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The Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC) constantly monitors developments in online DDoS attacks and publishes its analysis each quarter. In the latest issue (Q4 2017), the danger of multivector attacks was particularly noticeable in 13,452 of the attacks investigated. For the first time, 12 attack vectors were detected in a single attack.

DDoS attacks on businesses are commonplace. In the fourth quarter of 2017, the LSOC registered 13,452 attacks, which equates to nearly 150 attacks daily. This represents an increase of 116% compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

The DDoS Threat Situation at a Glance

The quarterly report analyses, explains and compares the main features of DDoS attacks such as attack volumes, permanent vectors number and source countries. The key findings:
•    The number of blocked attacks remained at a high level in the fourth quarter, at 13,452.
•    In the fourth quarter, the LSOC had to defend against 116% more attacks than in the previous year.
•    For 5 DDoS attacks, the bandwidth peaks were between 40 and 80 Gbps.
•    The largest attack averted by the LSOC reached a peak bandwidth of 70.1 Gbps.
•    According to LSOC measurements, the highest packet rate was 53.1 million packets per second.

Ddos Attack Combines 12 Vectors

DDoS attacks are today much more complex than in the early days, when the perpetrators relied exclusively on pure UDP floods or TCP SYN floods. Attackers are increasingly combining multiple attack techniques or expanding their attack set with new protocols. Almost every second attack (45.3%) was based on several techniques. The attackers most often use 2 or 3 vectors. Previously, the maximum of vectors observed by LSOC in a single attack was 10. In the fourth quarter, the DDoS protection experts registered for the first time attacks with 11 and 12 vectors.

More information is provided in the full LINK11 DDoS Report for Q4 2017. Current data on DDoS attacks, attempts and numbers can be found in the Link11 DDoS Blog.

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