DDoS Infographic: 2 Truths about Downtimes

  • Verena Weiss
  • August 8, 2018

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    DDoS Infographic: 2 Truths about Downtimes

    There are two different sides of downtimes. On one hand, it is extremely easy and cheap for cybercriminials to cause a downtime for an organization – DDoS attacks can be launched for a shocking $10 an hour and even week-long attacks are available for as little as $500-$1,200. For Organizations on the other hand, downtimes can be extremely expensive. The average outage costs enterprise organizations up to $260,000.

    The consequences of DDoS attacks are devastating. The thruth is, that organizations loose an average of $1,6 MILLION per year caused to DDoS attacks.

    With only low efforts, cybercriminals can cause a huge damage. And the consequences are not only lost revenues. DDoS attacks often end up in a major brand and reputational damage.

    Find out more in the following infographic.

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