Link11 Sets New Standards in DDoS Protection as Test Winner

  • Fabian Sinner
  • January 25, 2022

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    Link11 Sets New Standards in DDoS Protection as Test Winner

    In a recent performance test, cybersecurity provider Link11 was benchmarked against leading international security vendors and emerged as the clear winner. The study by Frost & Sullivan emphasized the importance of precise detection and speed in mitigating DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

    Link11, a specialized European IT security provider in protecting web services and infrastructures against cyber-attacks, is the only tested global vendor to offer comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks. When it comes to defending against an attack, Link11 is more than six times faster than the average. This is the key finding of a recent study by IT analyst Frost & Sullivan conducted in collaboration with pen-testing specialist NimbusDDoS.

    The test results identified Link11 as the clear front-runner. The company was the only one to meet all of the independent study’s criteria and reach the greatest precision and speed when detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks. According to the results, Link11 sets new standards in DDoS protection and has a solid technological lead in the industry. Both parameters are crucial for companies that want to strengthen the resilience of their IT infrastructures.

    “The growing dependence of an increasing number of business sectors on the Internet compels companies to have a security strategy designed for constant availability and zero downtime caused by cyber-attacks,” says Marc Wilczek, a Link11 Managing Director. “Every minute of downtime literally costs money. Our outstanding test results prove that uncompromising resilience against overload attacks is possible and Link11’s DDoS protection is the best way to get it.”

    DDoS protection solutions tested for precision and speed

    The evaluation involved technologically rigorous stress tests on different common attack types carried out by the leading international pen test provider for DDoS stress attacks, NimbusDDoS, based in Boston (USA). In addition to UDP high-volume attacks, reflection amplification attacks, and SYN floods, the protection solutions of five international vendors were also challenged with novel and hard-to-detect carpet-bombing attacks.

    Across all test scenarios, only the systems protected by Link11 fully withstood every attack. No other vendor was able to detect all attack types. In addition, there were enormous differences in their response times: while other vendors often lost valuable minutes to mitigate an attack, Link11 identified and stopped almost all attacks in real time or within a few seconds.

    DDoS attacks pose a major threat to corporate business processes and continue to gain relevance as a type of cyber attack

    According to unanimous analyst assessment, DDoS attacks are one of the biggest cybersecurity risks. This form of attack has experienced a noticeable boom in recent months. This is mainly due to the digitization of many areas of work and life caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in countless new attack surfaces. Today’s threat landscape also includes new and sophisticated attacks such as carpet bombing, which is difficult to detect, and new waves of Ransom DDoS extortion, where companies are pressured by cybercriminals to either pay a ransom or see their online systems crippled or destroyed.

    Despite the close correlation between the duration of a cyberattack and its business impact – i.e., the longer the attack, the worse the impact – too many companies still underestimate the risk or think their existing protection solutions are sufficient. Although many protection solutions on the market have similar value propositions, they differ significantly in their technical capabilities. To achieve true operational resilience and faster response times, analysts say companies choosing a DDoS protection should look at how quickly and accurately the vendors they’re considering can identify and defend against attacks. The conclusion is clear: the faster the attack is successfully stopped, the lower the financial damage.

    Frost & Sullivan’s report can be downloaded as a white paper from the Link11 website.

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