Link11 joins European anti-botnet initiative ACDC

  • Katrin Gräwe
  • September 4, 2014

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    Link11 joins European anti-botnet initiative ACDC

    The specialized German provider of cloud-based DDoS protection takes part in a Europe-wide campaign from ACDC for a bot-free Internet.

    Link11 GmbH, a specialized German provider of DDoS protection, is pleased to announce the partnership with the Advanced Cyber Defence Center (ACDC). The provider of DDoS protection solutions is supporting the European initiative for a bot-free Internet. According to Jens-Philipp Jung, Managing Director of Link11, the objective is to “minimise the reach of illegal botnets and curtail cyber crime.” ITC structures can be paralysed persistently by DDoS attacks.

    Jung continued: “Specialists for IT security like Link11 assume a key role in the fight against botnets. As one specialized providers of DDoS protection solutions, we have many years of experience in detecting illegal networks and are confronted each and every day with the damage they cause. Within the anti-botnet initiative we want to share this know-how with other security experts from around Europe. Only together and beyond borders, we will be able to successfully fight cyber crime. Therefore we are looking forward to some good collaborations.”

    Peter Meyer, eco e.V., Project Coordinator at ACDC: “We are pleased to have gained Link11 as a competent partner, which will actively support our European pilot project with its expertise in the area of Internet Security.”

    The EU pilot project ACDC is coordinated by eco e.V., the Association of the German Internet Industry. ACDC bundles its activities in the so-called clearing house, a centralised database which collects notifications on botnet activities andevaluates them in order to provide the results to its members and partners. Furthermore, the project supports malware removal via numerous national anti-botnet support centres, such as in Germany. This turns ACDC into an important supplement to existing anti-botnet tools for companies.

    About ACDC

    ACDC is an European pilot project funded by  the CIP-PSP programme. The ACDC project runs over 30 months until 31/07/2015. Beyond this, ACDC intends to evolve  into a sustainable European centre for cyber defence builded on 8 networked support centres and 1 clearing house to enlarge the cyber-protection scope beyond botnets.  ACDC unites a community of 28 organisations from 14 countries, including Internet Service Providers, CERTs, law enforcement agencies, IT providers, National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) as well as academia and critical infrastructure operators.

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