Link11 at Infosecurity 2017 in London: Why Offline is Not an Option

  • Thomas Pohle
  • May 29, 2018

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    Link11 at Infosecurity 2017 in London: Why Offline is Not an Option

    During Infosecurity Europe (June 5-7, 2018) in London, Link11 will give extensive insights on the variety of risks emerging from outages and how organizations can safeguard their digital business using AI – the only technology that has the power to fight against modern cyber-security threats.

    Frankfurt, May 24, 2018 – The European cloud-security platform provider Link11 will raise awareness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its increasingly important role for the cyber-war, making it to their key topic at their booth G80 at Infosecurity Europe 2018 in London. Over the last years, the number of DDoS attacks has increased exponentially and the risk of being hit by such an attack is higher than ever before. Link11 mitigates up to 16,000 attacks per month and has noticed a significant increase in the complexity of these attacks lately.

    Artificial Intelligence Plays a Role on Both Sides of the Cyber-War

    “Pre-digital was human against human, digital is machine against machine,” states Marc Wilczek, Managing Director at Link11. As dependence on IT systems increases, more and more is at risk. In times, when the competition is just one click away, there is no space for experiments. “The internet does not forget – neither outages nor scandals. Building a brand takes years – destroying it can happen overnight. Attackers use AI to launch more and more powerful attacks. This leaves no choice for cyber defense but to use AI as well,” Wilczek adds. The Link11 Cloud Security Platform is AI-based and provides its customers with a market-leading time to mitigate and a reliable resilience against all kinds of cyber-threats.

    Publication of the Latest Link11 DDoS Report for Central Europe

    Additionally, visitors of the Link11 booth G80 will be informed about trends throughout the cyber-security landscape emerging from currently gathered data from the Link11 Security Information Center (LSOC). The current DDoS report provides IT representatives and decision makers with extensive insights and exclusive analysis regarding the increasing global DDoS threat.

    Conference Session Addressing the Risks Posed by Outages on June 6, 2018

    In addition to meeting Link11 at their booth G80, Infosecurity visitors will have the chance to attend the conference session “Why Offline is Not an Option” held by Link11’s Managing Director Marc Wilczek on June 6 (15:15 – 15:45) on the theater “Talking Tactics”. In times of digitization, permanent availability is fundamental to keep up with the digital race. Real-time is a quality feature that is expected by customers and being offline is simply not an option. But IT security is still taken to lightly. Why has cloud become inevitable and why is relying on appliance a very risky undertaking? Why does DDoS mitigation need to be rethought?

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