CeBIT 2016: DDoS Attacks: Don’t ignore it!

  • Fabian Sinner
  • February 24, 2016

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    During the CeBIT (March 14th to 18th) Link11 will give extensive insights on the rise of DDoS extortions and DDoS attacks in addition to DDoS protection solutions.

    Frankfurt, February 24th, 2016 – Security experts agree: DDoS extortions are on the rise in 2016. At first there was relief when news broke that the BKA (German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation) arrested two alleged suspects of the international operating blackmailers DD4BC (DDoS for Bitcoins) in January. But these successful investigations are just the exception and usually do not discourage copycats. Carrying the alias “Gladius” new cybercriminals have targeted online pharmacies in Germany and right on time for Valentine’s Day DDoS extorters ruined the web-business of florists in England.

    Link11 main focus: DDoS attacks and DDoS protection

    In January DDoS protection specialist Link11 defended its clients against nearly 1.500 DDoS attacks on servers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Some of these attacks reached peaks way over 100 Gigabits per second, which cannot be properly defended by regular firewalls. These attacks numbers are therefore very alarming. Link11 addresses this growing threat in their DDoS Competence Center that is located in hall 6, booth F16. There experts will talk about the newest insights and technology all around DDoS protection.

    “Link11 estimates that only a small number of businesses are sufficiently prepared for the case of an attack”,

    as the situation in Germany is described by Jen-Philipp Jung, Managing Director of Link11 in Frankfurt am Main.

    “We need to create more awareness of this security issue and that is the reason why it is our main focus at this year’s CeBIT. Not to mention that DDoS attacks bear the potential to damage whole industries sustainably.”

    The DDoS Competence Center offers insights

    The first step to more DDoS protection is to actively gather more information on the rising threat. With the information provided by the Link11 DDoS Competence Center every IT decision maker can evaluate the potential DDoS threat much better and initiate suitable defense measures.

    • The DDoS Competence Center showcases:
    • Live date of DDoS attacks that are currently occurring worldwide
    • Real-time monitoring of defended DDoS attacks
    • Current DDoS statistics in the GSA-region
    • Real-time demonstrations of DDoS stress tests and DDoS mitigation

    Businesses can furthermore experience the Link11 DDoS-Filter-Cluster in action and see first-hand how the Link11 DDoS Protection can strengthen their already existing security infrastructure.

    Additionally, Link11 reignites their established exhibition concept (hall 6, booth F16) and partners up with another leading IT security specialist. This year Link11 cooperates with the IP- and Honeypot-Analytics specialist 8ack.

    The DDoS experts from Link11 will gladly provide you with a complimentary e-ticket to attend the CeBIT.

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