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Business Challenges
and Trends

  1. Logistics industry heavily relies on interconnection and customers increasingly use online services (ordering, tracking)
  2. IoT devices enables exchange of information in the supply chain process: for logistic providers and customer alike
  3. Customers expect Same Day Delivery. Time is absolutely of essence


  1. Downtimes can lead to delays in delivery which result in unsatisfied customers and revenue loss
  2. Interruption and delay in the supply chain can lead to unsatisfied customers
  3. Secure API is prerequisite for interruption-free service (e.g. scanner devices of parcel carrier)

Our Solution

How Link11 protects you

  1. Always-on, fully scalable DDoS protection
  2. 360° protection
  3. Web and infrastructure protection


  1. 24/7 protection & service
  2. “Business continuity by supply chain continuity”

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