Link11 Hosting DDoS Protection

Intelligent protection solutions for your own network as well as for your customers. Secure your business and growth. The patented AI technology stops DDoS attacks in a fraction of seconds. Our experience in the hosting business combined with our individually tailored DDoS protection solutions further benefits our clients.

  1. Effective DDoS protection guaranteed
  2. Perfect SLAs: Time-to-mitigate, bandwiths and uptime
  3. International customer support 24/7
  4. White-label as an option for reselling

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Time for more security

Hosting providers in the crosshairs of cyber criminals

The hosting industry with its many end customers is increasingly becoming a target for dangerous cyber attacks. Above all, DDoS protection must work when it counts and reliably protect the company's own network as well as the connected customers from continued disruption in the event of an attack. With Link11 you achieve exactly that. We also offer our white-label service, which opens up additional revenue growth opportunities.

What should a hosting DDoS protection provide?

1. Protection against DDOS attacks

A reinforced wall of protection against known or unknown DDoS attacks with bandwidths of any size on your hosting service.

2. Direct response

A faster and more effective response in the event of an attack to contain potential damage and ensure availability of all service.

3. AI beats humans

Our AI precludes human error and saves you resources while detecting and mitigating bad traffic. Resolutely efficient.

4. Server stability

A guarantee for a secure, fast and stable connection to the service - all of that while being ISP-neutral thanks to connecting with multiple providers.

5. Scalable at all times

An always-on protection for infrastructure and web servers, which can be scaled to individual customer needs at any time.

6. Option for reselling

A way to resell the protection solution to customers in a simple plug & play style.

7. Compliance with data protection

A promise that the network infrastructure and web services are protected without violating data privacy.

What can you expect from Link11?

With the Link11 hosting solution, DDoS protection is not only guaranteed 24/7 thanks to intelligent AI, but we can also tailor our service packages to the exact needs of our customers.

Direct connection (Level 2)

We provide a direct connection to the Link11 network access points available worldwide. This provides an always-on protection solution that is completely automated and does not rely on human operation or monitoring - without any additional costs.

Strong SLAs

We promise you a unique and strong service-level agreement (SLA) to ensure optimal performance. This means 99.99 percent availability, guaranteed bandwidths and reliable real-time mitigation in the event of a DDoS attack of less than 10 seconds.

AI-based real-time scoring

User-centric AI-based real-time scoring leads to more efficient detection of malicious and non-malicious traffic in the event of an attack. We keep false-positives to the lowest threshold possible. The threshold scoring of many competing solutions, on the other hand, results in many dissatisfied users, as detection is far less accurate. Therefore, passive fingerprint tracking is often added, which partially violates the regulation of illegal data storage.

Detailed data package analysis

Our implemented AI automatically examines all relevant data packages down to the smallest detail in order to constantly evolve and keep the state of knowledge always up-to-date. This ensures consistently high-quality protection that never ages.

Rules for data sovereignty

You can rest assured that our service is always compliant with data protection regulations. IP addresses never leave our protected scrubbing locations and are thus additionally secured.

Flexible hosting packages

We offer a tailored pricing model that is perfectly aligned with protection for hosting companies and their assets. We also offer our white-label protection as an option - a service explicitly designed for resale.

White-label protection

With our special white-label protection, you can sell our DDoS solutions in your own name or ours. In addition, you may benefit from our wider portfolio of services to meet further customer needs. We would be happy to inform you personally about the possibilities of our white-label protection.

360 degree DDoS protection

Advantages of the Link11 solution

  • An additional differentiating factor from the competition
  • Supported by strong SLAs ensures greater peace of mind in your security
  • Minimized risk for server failures ensures high customer satisfaction
  • Customer groups with high risk ratings no longer an obstacle
  • Increased upselling potential within existing customers
  • On the safe legal side thanks to compliant data sovereignty

Our promise to you:


Patented AI-based whitelisting approach detects unwanted website visitors.


Automated process that detects and blocks attacks in real time.

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Effective and reliable protection against DDoS attacks of any type and bandwidth.

Emergency operation in Italy

Case study: Genesys Informatica

In May 2019, Italian Internet service provider Genesys Informatica became the target of a massive DDoS attack - the largest ever seen in Italy up to that point. The uplink provider's imlemented DDoS protection literally collapsed under the sheer weight of the attack, opening the floodgates to an extremely precarious situation.

Genesys Informatica contacted Link11 to put effective infrastructure protection on the Italian ISP in just a few hours. Thanks to open communication and fast action, the threat was successfully averted and the attack repelled.

The Italian company has since emerged stronger from the situation and has now learned how important it is not to be complacent in today's world and to always keep an eye on a strong and competent partner in the field of DDoS protection.

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