Business Challenges
and Trends

  1. An industry which is solely dependent on availability of online services
  2. More and more users are connected with the internet (by 2021 4.6 bn) and the number of IoT devices is increasing rapidly (by 2025 75 bn)
  3. Users prefer online shopping. They take Interruption free online services as granted


  1. Sensitive data of users involved when it comes to e-commerce (personal data, credit card, identify)
  2. Cybercriminals are keen to exploit holiday shopping boom (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christ mas etc.)
  3. Large-scale attacks are increasing, “cybercrime-as-a-service” sector is growing

Our Solution

How Link11 protects you

  1. Always-on, fully scalable and cloud-based DDoS protection
  2. Protects all web and domain-name-based applications
  3. Web Application Firewall (WAF) for protection on application layer
  4. WAF as an add-on to the Link11 Web DDoS Protection


  1. Real-time protection ensures “business continuity”
  2. No revenue losses and long-term reputational damage
  3. Quick and easy set up

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