Zero-Touch WAF

Link11's Zero-Touch Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a part of the patented Link11 Cloud Security Platform. Using a truly cloud-native approach, the Zero-Touch WAF offers fully automated protection at the network edge and leaves no room for human error. When used in combination with Link11 DDoS Protection, the WAF will continue to run even under heavy loads.

Why DDoS Protection + WAF?

Cyber-criminals can use DDoS attacks as a distraction – for example, to gain access to personal data. The Zero-Touch WAF recognizes attacks on web applications like SQL injection, XSS, and CSRF, blocks the malicious requests, and ensures that web assets are available at all times. When implemented as an add-on to Link11’s DDoS protection, WAF performance is maximized and DDoS protection is extended by an additional security mechanism.

The benefits of using a WAF

Protection for Applications and Data

More than ever, companies in all industries depend on digital infrastructure for core business functions and even provide their own web applications. To secure these web services and data, a WAF is the central component of IT security. It monitors and filters all web, mobile, and API application traffic and wards off attacks such as OWASP Top 10, layer 7 attacks, and zero-day exploits to prevent compromises and data breaches.

Our Solution

Why "Zero Touch"?

Application and network security based on the zero-touch principle reduces risk and relieves the work of administrators. If configuring and managing highly complex IT infrastructures can be done automatically, with minimal manual interaction, the advantages in terms of speed and efficiency are obvious. Automation also eliminates the risks of incorrect configuration and the resulting business interruptions and/or security gaps.


  1. Part of the Link11 Cloud Security Platform
  2. Intelligent, integrated and scalable
  3. Protection against OWASP Top 10 threats
  4. Extended and adapted WAF regulations
  5. DDoS-protected
  6. Zero-touch principle
  7. Central management of all applications (on-premise and cloud)
  8. Platform boost through the use of DDoS behavior scores
  9. Enterprise-ready


  1. Provides complete protection and improved availability for web applications
  2. Accurate traffic analysis
  3. Highly flexible control of WAF rule sets and data filtering
  4. No need for resource-intensive, error-prone, and highly complex WAF configurations for application updates or scaling
  5. In combination with Link11's DDoS protection, the WAF provides further resilience against overload attacks
  6. Additional protection installed with one click; easy to configure and maintain
  7. Low purchase and operating costs

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