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Zero Touch WAF

Link11's Zero Touch Web Application Firewall (WAF) is built using proprietary, patented technology and is a part of the Link11 Cloud Security Platform. Thanks to a truly cloud-native approach and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Zero Touch WAF offers fully automated protection and leaves no space for human error. In combination with the Link11 DDoS Protection the WAF continues to run even under heavy load.

Why DDoS + WAF?

Cyber criminals can use DDoS attacks as a distraction, for example to gain access to personal data. The Zero Touch WAF recognizes such behavior, blocks malicious requests, and ensures availability for customers at all time. Implemented as an add-on to Link11’s DDoS protection, the performance of the WAF is maximized and the DDoS protection is extended by an additional security mechanism.

Our Solution

Why "Zero Touch"?

Conventional WAFs by default focus exclusively on already known OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. Further anomalies and threats outside the standard set of rules must be added manually in the so-called whitelisting procedure. This requires specialists who are familiar with the complexity of WAF configurations and the web application itself.

In contrast, Link11's WAF protects data exchange in an automated whitelist process that requires no human resources (zero touch). The whitelist is created and continuously improved through a machine learning process. In contrast to a manual whitelist or AI-based blacklist procedure, the self-learning whitelist procedure excludes human misconfigurations in the process and is also significantly faster, since not every request has to be checked, but only those that deviate from the standard.


  1. AI-based learning mode that fully analyzes all data traffic and creates a whitelist
  2. Continuous feedback loop for permanent update of whitelist rules
  3. Platform boost through utilizing DDoS behavior scores


  1. Cost savings thanks to “Zero Touch” approach with no human interaction
  2. No need for resource-intensive, error-prone and highly complex configurations of the WAF for application updates or application scaling
  3. In combination with Link11's DDoS protection, the WAF also achieves resilience against overload attacks


We are happy to advise you on an individual WAF solution for your company