Secure CDN

Everything from one source – The Content Delivery Network from Link11 is the perfect addition to the Link11 DDoS Protection and guarantees fast availability of your files where they are needed.

Why "Secure CDN"?

Nowadays content and applications must reach customers and businesses faster than ever before. The benefits of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in general are load balancing by vendor, geo-distribution, reduction of required number of web servers thanks to caching and for example image resizing on the fly which saves designer time and resources.

In contrast to conventional CDNs, Link11 offers a Secure CDN. Due to Link11’s strict proxy rules, hiding requests containing malicious code are not possible (Request Smuggling). Due to strict compliance with EU-wide general data protection rules, it is not possible to transfer data to blacklisted countries (data sovereignty and privacy rules). A behavior-based approach for Access Control Lists handling for example for distributed website editors in the media industry where multiple sources of information can be combined in a single ACL. Furthermore, Link11’s Threat Protection Shield provides 360° security on all layers where only clean traffic gets through.


  1. No request smuggling
  2. Data sovereignty
  3. Behavior-based ACL handling


  1. Worldwide availability with direct connections to the most important Internet exchange points
  2. Link11’s additional features ensure focus on security first
  3. Combination of Secure CDN + Zero Touch WAF + DDoS to ensure Cyber Resilience

Fast Content Access Globally

Accelerate your web performance! The Content Delivery Network from Link11 now connects users with content and applications faster than ever before, as locally distributed servers always have pre-loaded content at hand.


We are happy to advise you on individual Secure CDN solutions for your company