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BOT Management

BOTs are automated tools that can be helpful in some cases (search engines, price comparison portals, etc.), but can also harm your business if they are used for distorting competition or even fraudulent purposes. 

BOT traffic accounts for almost 40% of the global average of corporate website traffic. More than half of this is unwanted. In addition to biasing important statistical web metrics, bot traffic can negatively impact the speed of your website. Besides increasing IT costs, this also leads to revenue losses, especially in the e-commerce business.

Link11's BOT Management service allows you to fully control, manage and keep away the wide range of BOTs that access your website daily by using our intelligent BOT mitigation. Read more about BOTs in our blog or watch our webinar about good BOTs and bad BOTs.

Integrated with Link11 Web DDoS Protection

Known unwanted BOTs are blocked immediately, new ones a few seconds after detection.

Better performance thanks to reverse proxy solution

Unwanted traffic is filtered by Link11 and does not even arrive on your website.

Full control and visibility

The Link11 Dashboard shows a detailed time history and categories and allows manual settings.

Got curious?

Let us advise you about the intelligent Link11 BOT Management solution.