Link11 Hosting Solutions customized and easy

Link11's professional hosting solutions put your ideas and business models online. We offer intelligent server solutions and adapt them to your individual business needs. Choose from dedicated servers, server hosting/colocation or managed services. Link11 provides these solutions packages in high-security data centers with a highly available, high-performance network. The Link11 support team is available 24/7 on first- and second-level support.

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Completely Reliable

Link11 Dedicated Server

Link11 dedicated servers offer companies a simple, highly secure and reliable all-around server operation from a single source. The server model of your choice is ready to rent in one of Link11's data centers.

Link11 Dedicated Servers guarantee:

  1. Professional server maintenance and data center monitoring
  2. Latest server hardware from Supermicro, Dell, etc.
  3. Best performance and connectivity for the most demanding web applications
  4. Easy, convenient administration within the easy-to-use Link11 web interface

All Link11 Dedicated Server packages include:

  1. Uplink of 1 Gbit/s
  2. A /29 IP subnet
  3. 24/7 ticket support
  4. Hosting costs
  5. Server installation

Individual and fast

Link11 Server Housing / Colocation

Link11 server hosting provides all the necessary infrastructure services. These include individual server solutions and storage capacities as well as fast internet connections in selected data centers.

Link11 colocation offers the best hosting for your own servers. Housing and network connection for racks, cages, suites and cabinets in state-of-the-art data centers.

Fast, redundant fiberglass connectivity with 500 Gbit/s on different carriers or native IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity available.

For the highest level of security, we provide modern fire detection systems, Inergen gas extinguishers, personalized door and lock systems as well as camera surveillance of all sectors (HD CCTV).

In addition, Link11 offers a reliable power supply for a wide variety of energy needs and different options for cooling and air conditioning.

Server hosting/colocation with Link11 means for you:

  1. Individual server and space solutions
  2. Manageable investment and operating costs
  3. Appropriate services

Failsafe and highly available

Link11 Data Centers

Data centera in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London are the backbone of Link11's global network. Link11 continuously invests in its worldwide IT infrastructure and plans to build additional data center locations in the near future. Link11's standards for new systems are high and cover all areas of security, availability and performance.

Connectivity and Network

  1. Redundant fiberglass connectivity
  2. 960 Gbit/s routing equipment
  3. 500 Gbit/s connectivity on different carriers
  4. Native IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity
  5. Scalable network infrastructure through CWDM technology
  6. N*10 Gbit/s equipment for each rack

Security Standards

  1. Modern fire detection system
  2. Inergen gas extinguishers
  3. Personalized doors and lock systems
  4. Separate F-90 zones with smoke-proof doors
  5. Biometric access control system (facial recognition and fingerprint)
  6. Camera monitoring of all sectors (HD CCTV)

Power and Cooling

  1. Power supply from 10kv medium voltage network
  2. Redundant transformers in separate rooms
  3. Circuits with 230V and 400V available
  4. Redundant UPS systems
  5. Redundant diesel generators
  6. Constant room temperatures between 21-23°C
  7. Cold and hot aisle separation with full rack enclosures
  8. 50 cm raised floor height for optimized air flow


  1. 24/7 data center access
  2. 24/7 network operations center
  3. 24/7 free emergency hotline
  4. SMS, email and monitoring system
  5. Proactive downtime prevention
  6. Complete documentation of all processes

Global and powerful

Link11 Network

Availability, performance and security are the most important criteria for Link11's network technology. Link11's main network is in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany. Additional data centers in Amsterdam, London and Berlin are used for load balancing and backups. All sites are connected via dedicated, redundant gigabit fiberoptic lines. Link11 continuously invests in its global IT infrastructure and plans to build additional data centers.

Strong Partners for a strong Network

Direct connections to peering points such as DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, SwissIX and Any2 guarantee high bandwidth and low latency. These large internet exchange points also contribute direct connections to the largest carriers which are responsible for the majority of data transfer in Europe.

On principle, Link11 only uses fail-safe hardware/network components from leading vendors like Juniper, Force10 and Cisco. On this basis, we provide several 10-Gigabit ports for our customers. All relevant components are state-of-the-art and redundant.

When it comes to performance, stability and security in digital marketing, Link11 makes no compromises.