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Cyber Resilience with peace-of-mind guarantee.

The intelligent solution for DDoS Protection and BOT Management

Our self-learning defense system is one step ahead of DDoS attacks! With zero-time to mitigate for known and under 10 seconds for new vectors you can experience cyber resilience with our exclusive peace-of-mind guarantee.

Find out what HORNBACH, a leading European DIY chain, has done to face the challenges. Watch the exclusive live presentation now.

Watch here

Watch here

What would you do if you received a 180 000€ DDoS extortion email warning to exceed your defense capabilities?

Cyber-attacks are becoming more common, complex, and bigger every day. This can put your company at high risk, both financially and in terms of security & reputation. Find out by signing up and watching the live presentation how you can either proactively or reactively prepare for these risks!

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