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05/24/2016        Threat Landscape
DDoS Report Q1 2016 for Germany, Austria, Switzerland

In the first quarter of 2016, the number of DDoS attacks grew by nearly 30% over the previous quarter. Someone in German-speaking Europe falls victim to a DDoS attack every 2 minutes, as seen in the current Link11 DDoS Report for Q1 2016.

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04/29/2016        Threat Landscape
How Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince unintentionally Boosts DDoS Ransom Mails

Just recently the US DDoS protection vendor Cloudflare has been criticized for protecting the sites of DDoS extorters. Now a new good meant blog post flooding the internet has caused copycats hoping for a fast buck to blackmail companies as well.

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03/24/2016        Threat Landscape
Warning about the DDoS Extorters RedDoor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Current circumstances lead the DDoS protection specialist Link11 to warn about DDoS extortions by the group “RedDoor”. Since the beginning of the week the extorters are pressuring the e-commerce industry. In addition Link11 has first leads to new activity from Armada Collective in Germany.

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