11 Reasons to Use Link11

What is it that differentiates Link11 from the competition? Our extensive portfolio qualifies us to provide an expert and specialised service. Our customers receive ingenious solutions and individualised support. The many satisfied customers we have served for many years value the fact that we do not deliver off-the-peg solutions.


As a matter of principle Link11 works with the most secure technical standards which we also ensure are certified. The latest security threats are analysed on a daily basis and appropriate protective mechanisms are integrated into Link11 systems. Our top priority is the security of your data and the data of your customers.


We continuously offer our customers the latest technological advancements with our DDoS Protection, server hosting and CDN services. We were awarded the Eco Internet Award in 2012 for our innovative DDoS Protection Solution.

One-Stop Service

We offer our customers a convenient and reliable one-stop technical service that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Link11 is on hand to support you and safeguard your success at all times!


Each customer requires a solution to suit his or her individual needs. At Link11 we use tried and tested tools and develop flexible solutions based on our sophisticated infrastructure. Link11 DDoS Protection, hosting and CDN solutions are tailored to suit your requirements and can be individually configured.

Personal Support

An advisor is always available on the other end of the telephone at Link11 to support you even outside normal business hours.

Flexible Terms

We recognise that your business is dynamic and subject to change which is why we ensure that you can shape the terms of your partnership with Link11 in a way that works for you. We offer our customers a high degree of flexibility with our specially customised terms and contract options.

Highest Levels of Quality

Link11 is synonymous with quality which is something we have been proud to boast since 2005. This is why we only team up with partners who deliver the highest levels of quality such as TÜV certified data centres to manage your servers.


Link11 is on the road to success. Our success not only provides security but opens up new possibilities. By managing increasingly larger volumes we are also achieving significant purchasing benefits which we are pleased to pass onto our customers.


Link11 is an experienced network specialist and is one of the leading DDoS protection experts in Germany. Link11 employees are regularly tested and certified by Juniper and Microsoft. We are experts in our field. Please get in touch with us!

Product Range

High-availability data center services are what Link11 does. Our DDoS and CDN solutions provide expert and secure cover for all your server needs so you can concentrate on what makes your business a success.

High Availability

Link11 is running an high availability datacenter connected to an global redundant fiber backbone. Link11 is one of the fastest networks in Europe. The capacity of Link11 equates the bandwidth of several ten thousands usual Cable Connections.