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Online Gambling

Business Challenges
and Trends

  1. Diversity of services and gaming options available on the web
  2. An industry which relies heavily on system availability and real-time applications


  1. Cyberattacks can interrupt service and infrastructure availability
  2. Increased offers in the web attracts cyberattacks: just like e-commerce sites
  3. Even a small lag in server response (latency) im pacts the business (bad user experience, no customer satisfaction, financial damage)
  4. Dissatisfied customers could become attackers

Our Solution

How Link11 protects you

  1. Link11’s automated cloud solution for near-realtime responses
  2. Specialized in DDoS protection for high-availability systems
  3. Fastest Time to Mitigate (TTM) on the market (Gartner’s Market Guide for DDoS Mitigation Services)
  4.  Always-on, fully scalable DDoS protection


  1. Interruption-free service and top-grade infrastructure availability
  2. No business risk resulting from latency

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