Benefits from partnering up with Link11

  • Link11 have a high market awareness
  • No competitive displacement
  • Local support, short distances, data privacy
  • 360 degrees of DDoS protection

Great Reasons to start

  • No Investments
  • Certifications are not needed
  • Large demand for DDoS Protection
  • Market is far from saturated
  • Link11 solution is attractive for businesses of every size

Additional Revenue

  • Simple pricing model with attractive margins
  • Additional consulting revenue
  • Revenue from managed services
  • Managed security
  • Can be combined with other upcoming security projects

Convincing Arguments

  • European data privacy is respected
  • “Made in Germany”
  • Ready for TTIP, CETA and Safe Harbour
  • No additional costs within the data centre
  • No maintenance
  • Independent from provider

DDoS a powerful weapon in the cyber war

  • Extortions
  • DDoS attacks can be ordered online
  • Businesses are more dependent on the internet
  • Internet connection is mostly the weak spot of businesses