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WorldHostingDays.usa: Link11 presents DDoS protection solutions for the industry

On September 11 and 12, the WorldHostingDays.usa are coming to Las Vegas. As a leading provider of DDoS protection, Link11 will be there, too, showcasing its solutions for the hosting and data center industry and introducing a DDoS protection platform specially designed for hosting providers.

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Link11 DDoS protection available from DE-CIX DirectCLOUD

The DDoS protection provider Link11 is a partner of DE-CIX DirectCLOUD, which gives hosting providers, ISPs, datacenter operators and other companies fast and simple access to DDoS protection services by Link11.

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Find Link11 in the Softshell Cybersecurity Vendor Report 2017

The Cybersecurity Vendor Report from Softshell, German value-added distributor for cybersecurity, has been researched and developed over the past year by Softshell‘s team in Germany and the United States. The goal for this Report is to present the complex international range of cybersecurity hardware and software solutions in order to provide a solid overview for end customers, system integrators, and resellers evaluating new vendors and technologies in the fields of cybersecurity.

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Three new DDoS extortioners are active in parallel in Europe

Additionally to the Meridian Collective, the Xball Team and the Collective Amadeus are currently blackmailing companies by way of DDoS-attacks.

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Link11 at Infosecurity 2017: Focus on DDoS Protection

2016 saw ever increasing numbers of large DDoS “hyper” attacks of several 100Gbps and more. It also saw a number of previously unseen DDoS extortion groups emerging and threatening and executing attacks.

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Warning: Dangerous DDoS attacks by ZZb00t targeting multiple new victims

A series of unrelenting DDoS attacks has been primarily targeting European and especially German websites since late April. Behind the attacks on ecommerce shops, logistic enterprises and telecommunications providers is a hacker with the Twitter handle @ZZb00t. The LSOC is warning of the attacks that are targeting the original web server IP addresses and internal networks.

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New Round of DDoS Blackmailing by XMR-Squad (allegedly)

Many companies in Germany and Switzerland have received blackmail threats in the name of XMR-Squad since Monday (May 1, 2017). The Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC) have been monitoring developments closely. The criminal group was recently in the news with its DDoS attacks on Hermes and DHL, but attention quickly dissipated. According to initial analysis, the LSOC assumes that this latest round of blackmailing is the work of copycats.

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Warning against aggressive DDoS blackmail group XMR-Squad

Following the recent DDoS blackmailing in the name of Stealth Ravens targeting German companies in late January, perpetrators acting under the name of XMR-Squad are now asking for 250 euros for testing (DDoS) protection.

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Link11 Recognized on the Cybersecurity 500 List

The Cybersecurity 500 List is an annual list of the hottest and most innovative providers of cyber security around the world and was first released in 2014 in the US. At no. 395 on the list for the first quarter of 2017, Link11 is a German security expert with the patent-pending DDoS Protection Platform, which prevents more than 37,000 DDoS attacks a year.

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Link11 at CeBIT 2017: Focus on DDoS Protection

After various impressive hyper attacks of several hundred Gbps during the year of 2016, the DDoS threat is receiving more attention at this year’s CeBIT from IT security decision makers and CIOs. In Hall 6 at booth H16, CeBIT exhibitor Link11 will delve into this key topic with a recently published Link11 DDoS report as well as an expert lecture on the Business Security Stage in Hall 6.

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