Warning: Dangerous DDoS attacks by ZZb00t targeting multiple new victims

A series of unrelenting DDoS attacks has been primarily targeting European and especially German websites since late April. Behind the attacks on ecommerce shops, logistic enterprises and...

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XMR Squad Copycats

New Round of DDoS Blackmailing by XMR-Squad (allegedly)

Many companies in Germany and Switzerland have received blackmail threats in the name of XMR-Squad since Monday (May 1, 2017). The Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC) have been monitoring...

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XMR Squad Gasmasken

Warning against aggressive DDoS blackmail group XMR-Squad

Following the recent DDoS blackmailing in the name of Stealth Ravens targeting German companies in late January, perpetrators acting under the name of XMR-Squad are now asking for 250 euros for...

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cybersecurity ventures top25

Link11 Recognized on the Cybersecurity 500 List

The Cybersecurity 500 List is an annual list of the hottest and most innovative providers of cyber security around the world and was first released in 2014 in the US. At no. 395 on the list for...

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