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by Link11

Performance and reliability: With more than 11 years of experience as a network provider Link11 stands for high efficiency in your infrastructure. With Link11 you gain access to an efficient optimization technology that not just accelerates your web performance. It gives you security.

Increase your Performance


Load Balancing

The Link11 Load Balancer is your tool to preserve the availability of all critical services even when there is much traffic. The dynamic load balancing guarantees a high availability and redundancy of the servers.

Fast Loading


The availability of your files and the performance of your website is increased by caching your files on preset servers. The origin server is relieved and users from other regions do not have long waiting time to access files like images and videos.

Global Load Balancing

Adjusted Range

Geo Routing

Geo Routing has one simple use: It supports you in making an adjusted range of supply and helps you to bring your services to the place where they reach your desired target groups best.

Always informed

Backup Website

During maintenance Link11 supplies your customers with a backup website where users can see all the useful information on the current situation. Provided with the right facts every user knows when the services are fully operational again.